Friday, February 01, 2008

Filthy Friday – KNUDSEN’S ARSE

By now, you’ve diddled yourself raw over Manuel’s arse and you’re looking for a new thrill.

Well look no further. Ladies, have a dry, clean pair of knickers handy.

It’s not fat nor is it 100 per cent Irish the way I like 'em. But it’s a beeyoot.


You’ve seen his arse previously on Infomaniac but as you can see, he’s had some work done since its debut. Note that the liver spots have been bleached and his arse may have spent some time at the body shop.

We can only assume from this photo that he’s holding his manhood doon so it doesn't cast a gigantic shadow and distract from his arse. Very considerate of you, Old Knudsen.

If you are a hot Asian gurlyboy or one of the many weemen who read this blog who would love to go doon on a manly Ulster/Scot, please contact Infomaniac.

Manuel and Eddie Waring, eat your hearts out.

Knudsen: “Spank my five-star-rated arse, Mistress MJ! But please don’t think about Manuel as yer doing it.”


  1. Its not everyday its clean so I thought I'd take a picture.

  2. My my old knudsens arse doesn't look so old

    what's the tattoo of?

  3. I moisturize, its a heart on fire.

  4. You can totally see the scars from the butt implants dude.

  5. *bite*

    Thanks mj, I shall be frisky all day now ...

  6. It's... Not horrible!

    And is CyberPoo flirting with Knudsen?

  7. Yay for bottoms! And that's a nice one, knudsen!

    IDV, you know I think Cyberpete may just be flirting...

  8. Wow. BingoWings has got some competition.

    Although they'll both pale into insignificance once Tim's delectable arse is on show.

  9. Yes, oh fuck yesss, Jesusssssss, Oh oh oh oh oh yesssssssssssssssssss!

  10. *lies back content and glowing and wipes her dripping fingers*

  11. Can I have some of Knudsen's moisturiser for my face please?
    Well - not after he's used it -obviously.

  12. KNUDSEN: You missed a spot.

    CYBERHOOR: Quit flirting with Knudsen.

    KNUDSEN: Try using Bag Balm on yer arse as a moisturizer.

    If it’s good enough for Shania Twain, it’s good enough for Old K.

    BRAD: Don’t spoil the fantasy.

    BITTERSWEET: I have the teeth marks to prove your friskiness.

    IVD: Are you flirting with Knudsen too?

    He’s the only blogger you haven’t had yet, isn’t he?

    T-BIRD: They don’t build ‘em like that in Australia, do they?

    IVD: Are you at home alone again?

    Send Tim over here to see how it’s done.

    If he doesn’t want to send a pic of his arse, a shot of his kebab will do.

    ELLIE: You’re dripping your “special sauce” all over my blog.

    *hands Ellie a Wet-Wipe*

    MARKY: You’re turned on, I can tell.

    KAZ: For you, I have a special moisturizer.

  13. Yes, I'm home, but not alone - I'm surrounded by cake that I cannot eat.


    I live in hope that you'll be able to convince Tim to get that photo taken and sent in. First dibs on the original once you've done with it!

  14. What a woefully minuscule tattoo.

    I would have expected love&hate to be tattooed on those buttocks. Actually, given that it's Knudsens arse that should be hate&hate.

  15. IVD: Tim is just playing hard to get.

    GARFY: Have you seen Eddie Waring's "My Little Pony" arse tattoo?

    What's tattooed on YOUR arse, Garfy?

  16. A grey shirt? Really? I imagined an old bathrobe.

    Who's next?

  17. BOXER: "Who's next?"

    Well I've always wanted to see Kav's arse since it's Irish and I bet it's fat. But he's on a bit of a blogging holiday.

    We're all waiting for IVD's little friend Tim to bare his arse. And then there's BingoWings and Beast and Garfy.

    The list goes on.

  18. "Blogging for Butts"? If Manuel's arse brought you back, I'm sure you could work this for quite some time.


  19. Its a Beast rule
    You only get to see the goodies if you buy dinner.
    No exceptions or luncheon vouchers

  20. BOXER: I'll be putting out a call for cock soon too if you know anyone who wants to contribute a photo.

    BEAST: I'd be pleased to treat you to a McHappy Meal.

    But I keep the toy.

  21. I posted a picture of that tiny tattoo a while back it doesn't really go with my god save the Queen kills all taigs and puppy tats on my shoulders or the grenade I have on my willy that turns into a torpedo.

  22. KNUDSEN: Don't go bragging about your willy tattoo or I'll post that pic of you from my private collection.

  23. MJ do you think we could come to some sort of time share agreement for your private collection. I can pay! I need to see the grenade explode just once!

  24. I will sue the ass off that lothario. He left me with child in our hippy days!

    You can run Knudsen but you can't hide!

  25. ELLIE: Send me a pic of yer tits and I'll share my collection.


    Did he make you cry
    Make you break down
    Shatter your illusions of love
    Is it over now--do you know how
    Pick up the pieces and go home.

  26. Come on fellas! Buttocks for blogging is a worthy cause. Keep MJ around with you behinds, and grow a legion of fans!

  27. I meant 'your' behinds. It's too early on Saturday morning for correct spelling.

  28. T-BIRD: Saturday morning?

    It's still Friday afternoon here!

    I'm in a time warp!

  29. pathetic......not a hair to be seen and what's with the girlie tattoo? bet it's a dolphin.........more meat on me da's apron....terrible arse...

  30. It didn't stop you from packing me fudge last nite.

  31. Less cellulite than Britney and surprisingly taut...
    obviously 're-touched'.

    "I just down from the Isle of Skye
    I'm no very big but I'm awful shy
    All the lassies shout as I walk by,
    "Knudson, Where's Your Troozers?"

  32. Me arse is firm and tight, fucks sake theres no pleasing some folk.

    You wish it was touched up.

  33. Knudsen has only half an ass. part was taken off in the war by enemy mortar fire. He sacrificed. He's now Half-Assed Knudsen. He's my Grandad so I can say these things without stirring him up.

  34. MJ said...
    ELLIE: Send me a pic of yer tits and I'll share my collection.

    Sent, I await the link to your Knudsen's cock blog and perhaps you could post the full frontal of Manuel too?

  35. more arse...less talk...for christs sake! priorities mj...priorities

    nice arse btw...and thank you :)

  36. MANUEL & KNUDSEN: Kindly take it outside.

    HE: You canna put the brakes on a highland man
    Who doesn't like wearing troozers.

    KNUDSEN: “My arse is firm and tight.”

    So I’ve heard from Manuel.

    MARKY: Show some respect for your elders.

    ELLIE: Did we not see enough of Manuel as he lay exposed on the floor with his belly on view over at Well Done Fillet?

    No, you’re right.

    Send me pics of your Irish cock, Manuel!

    Ellie, your tits are magnificent. I am debating whether or not to keep them to myself or to share them with the world.

    DAISY: I did, in fact, receive another arse photo yesterday but was instructed that it’s for my private viewing only.

    Be patient. Mens’ arses are like buses – you wait ages for one and then three come along at once.

  37. Its a bit disturbing I must say - I always thought it would be more wrinkly...

  38. "Ellie, your tits are magnificent. I am debating whether or not to keep them to myself or to share them with the world."

    Batting for the other side now MJ? x

  39. ELLIE: You filthy Irish hoor.

    Now there's a phrase I thought I'd never use on anyone but SID.

    Although I once uttered it under my breath to Manuel.

    Okay and maybe Garfy.

  40. If you don't post those tits Killamory will declare war on Canada where ever the fuck that is.

  41. I vote to see ellie's tits!!!!

    hey, i'm a switch hitter ... i can request it, g-d dammit!

  42. I never thought I would say this , but I am bored with Knudsens Arse.

  43. Unbelievable. I had to pay good money to see him naked, and now he's putting his arse all over the Internet for free. I feel so used.

  44. KNUDSEN: I’m sitting on Ellie’s tits (not literally) for a few days.

    I want them all for myself before they’re released to the world.

    MAIDY: I haven’t heard from you in days yet the slightest whisper of “tits” brings you out of the closet.

    BEAST: To alleviate your boredom, get out your camera and point and shoot at your arse.

    Then send me the pic.

    How many times do I have to tell you?

    FATSPARROW: Knudsen sent me a full frontal nekkid pic for free.

    Envy me.

  45. Well thats put me orf me dinner.....

  46. i seriously am at a loss for words. Knuddy dear this should have gone up on knudsen porn.

  47. i know, it's rather pavlovian. say "tits" and i drool.