Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Gay Dance Party

Earliest documented circuit party...

(click to enlarge)

Did this dance have a name?

What was playing on the Top 40 ?

Were there go-go dancers in the back room?

Was this Fez Night?


  1. I'm so sad. I've never been to a party like that...

  2. There's always one who won't take his socks off .... nasty!

  3. I'm crying MJ, various parts of me are weeping.

  4. I think the official name is a "daisy chain"

    Is that Beast I can see on the left hand side?

  5. T-BIRD: It’s how IVD spends his dirty weekends in Londinium.

    Don’t be fooled by his tales of cake.

    PIGGY: Gingers were not invited.

    ELLIE: And support hose at that!

    KNUDSEN: Weeping first, scabbing later.

    You’ll soon be healed.

    FROBI: Daisy chain? No, they’re a local florist.

    IS it Beast? I can’t tell ‘til he exposes his merkin.

  6. Erm... Someones being naughty - We didn't ask nor desire an invite!

  7. PIGGY: Fine. I'll give your invites to IVD and Smunty.

    Your fezzes will be in the mail soon, by the way, so you may want to join in the dance once you've got those.

    IVD: Aren't you the official party planner for this affair?

    Just show up!

    SMUNTY: You'll need to grow a moustache first, apparently.

    Or is that you with the clean shaven face and support hose?

  8. KAZ: Conga line?

    That means they're at a wedding.

    They'll be breaking out into the chicken dance next.

  9. This gives a whole new meaning to the hokey pokey!

  10. damn you, eros!!!!!

    that's what i was thinking.


  11. BINGOWINGS & MAIDY: If you're going to fight over this, I demand that you take your clothes off and wrestle.

  12. The Dance of the In-FILL-dals.
    I believe that this Turkish dance was created in 689 during the Festival Of Beans.
    Many complained about not being allowed to twirl their dervish.

  13. HE: Bean Festival?

    I hope someone cracked open a window!

  14. someone did a lot more 'cracking' than just windows by the look of it.

    don't they seem happy, though. the trick must be having friends who are all identically tall and endowed.

  15. FN: Could be they're Irish and it's a "craic."

  16. River Dance was never like this

  17. It looks a wee bit painful...I mean, how in the heck does one maintain a balance that way? Surely, someone slips out every now and again. That can't be too fun, them breaking the chain and all.

    Hey MJJJJJJ!!!!!

  18. BEAST: Didn't Michael Flatley have a production called "Feet of Flames" as well?

    This is "Flaming Feet."

    AWA: Hey AWAAAAAA!!!!!

    HE: Please redesign your avatar to include you wearing a fez.

    I think it would look rather jaunty on you and increase your omnipotence.

  19. Hey! I didn't write that previous comment - What's going on?

    Was that you, Steve?

  20. Ellie: The socks are for his varicose veins, he had to do the bum dance. They just didn't want to ask Piggy to step in. As MJ said "Gingers were not invited".

  21. IVD: Was it one of your three OTHER personalities who left the comment?

    TATAS: Which reminds me...how are Piggy's varicose veins?

    FROBI: I need you to pull some strings to get me a photo of Beast's arse.

    Do what you can.

    Oh and his willy too. Come back Wednesday for more info on that bit.

  22. Cheeky cunt.

    I don't have any varicose veins!

  23. PIGGY: Have your hemorrhoids cleared up yet?

  24. no there was a waiter in fear of his bottom in the back room.....

  25. I can't even see the Mulberry bush...

  26. MANUEL: Everybody wants a piece of your sweet sugarloaf.

    PEEVISH: I don't think there's any bush at all at this party.