Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Infomaniac News

Here’s the latest on what’s going on in and around Infomaniac. Listen up, bitches, as there’s lot of news.

Baby Pic Compo

Photo removed.

The first ever Infomaniac Baby Pic Compo will be held on Monday, October 22nd. Deadline for submissions is this Friday, October 19th at midnight PST. (Saturday, October 20th at 8:00 am UK time.)

You can submit any photograph of yourself up to 10 years of age.

Thanks to all the bitches who’ve sent their pics in so far. The rest of you lazy bastards, get scanning and sending!

SID’s Séance and Wake

I regret to inform you that I’ve had to make SID dead after he posted this OBVIOUSLY PHOTOSHOPPED image of me on his blog…

SID’s combination wake and séance will be held this Thursday, October 18th. That’s TOMORROW for those of you who are too hung over to check the calendar.

“Spirits” will be provided. We shall attempt to contact the poor, Jamesons-laden soul of the Stupid Oirish Cunt who is now known as “Dead SID.”

Frankly, I have not been able to shut him up since his demise so chances are good we’ll be hearing from him at the wake/séance.

Fun for all.

Tatas Blogs!

Tatas and her pussy

That bawdy bitch Tatas finally has her own blog entitled Connie’s Bitch!

She makes ME look like a saint.

Imagine, for a moment, if Maidy and I got together and reproduced. The resulting bastard child would be Tatas. Now can you picture her?

For those of you who haven’t had the misfortune of meeting Tatas, she is the wife/plaything of Connie the Convict.

She's a Brit. A dirty, filthy Brit.

There is nothing more you need to know about her, really, other than that she’s as common as muck, has a filthy mouth and spends all her time telling us about the size of Connie’s supposedly huge todger.

How Geo Got His Blogging Groove Back

Manly man Geo likes to ride up the rear

Remember when Trucker Boy Geo decided (for reasons unknown) to abandon his old blog?

Well the bitch is back. Visit his new blog here.

For those of you who haven't had the pleasure, Geo is the long-suffering husband of American Psycho Bitch Maidy.

When he’s not driving a big rig, Geo likes to shoot stuff and reenact scenes from World War II.

We like Geo.

That’s all for now, bitches.

Amuse yourselves as best you can as I won’t be around much today. I’m preparing the finger foods for SID’s wake/séance.

I ask only that you not throw up on my blog in my absence.


  1. Yay! First!

    Is that poor cat licking the snot from Tatas' nose?

  2. P&T: No the cat is not licking snot.

    MJ: what a beauty. That's not me I'm not that pretty.

  3. Skinhead MJ!

    How a bald scrote could transmogrify into a minature Patsy Cline beats me.

    Give us a tune on yer banjo.

  4. Yes, go on MJ!

    A short vid is required of you twanging your banjo!

    Maidy would love that.

  5. It wont be the banjo she'll be twanging, she's probably already got her fingers in her nickers while preparing SID's séance food.

    Now i hope you've washed you hands you filthy bitch.

  6. Canucks don't wash.

    That's why they smell. They try to blame it on baby seals, but we know the truth.

    If anyone was able to prize poor old Mr MJ (it's been a while since we mentioned him) out of his comfy armchair, you'd find untold horrors on the cushion under his arse.

  7. Remind me of why I'll miss you all while I'm out later today?

  8. Heh heh heh

    Finger food.

    Heh heh heh

  9. Just as much as we'll miss you bitch.
    You've been threatening us with going out all morning. Why the fuck haven't you gone yet?

  10. MAIDY: Dirty bitch.

    You'd like to lick my fingers, wouldn't you?

    TATAS: Why haven't I gone yet?

    Because it's only 6:30 a.m. THAT'S why.

  11. MJ: So you haven't been to bed yet?

    Maidy: Finger food is the best

    *licks fingers after eating a cookie*

  12. Tatas gotz teh purdy mouf, kthxbye.

    MJ, perhaps you could repeat the pose and pic of your wee baby pic to compare the before and after?

  13. She's not touching my putrifying body with those fingers.

  14. what happens if i've already barfed on your blog? and what happens if a giant robot tries to stomp on me for barfing on your blog, but i escape and it chases me but i hide under a big truck that turns out to be Optimus Prime and he transforms into another giant robot and the other robot and him have a fight?


  15. ...and then the one robot kills the other one, and Optimus Prime turns back into a truck and I get in and drive away but a helicopter comes and shoots missles at the truck which is really Optimus Prime and there's an explosion and it gets all on fire and theres flames shooting out and then this big thing like a pterodactyl flies and fights the helicopter and it crashes and i hop out of the cab of the truck and land on the pterodactyls back and it flies away to india and cambodia and germany all all the whole world?

  16. Please ignore Rimshots last request - it'd be too much for the eyes.

    Our fucking brains would explode!

  17. "Our fucking brains would explode!"

    Nice thought that Piggy!

    Go for it MJ.

  18. The presupposition of brains being present is laughable.

  19. She wouldn't get her head in the same shot as her body now

  20. You may be right there.

    My brains on the way out too. Just started glugging, so oblivion is on the horizon.

  21. Drinking again Piggy??

    Tsk tsk.

    Shall you photoshop her latest pic or shall I?

  22. Okay, dammit, I confused. As always. Just pour me a drink.

  23. *PERK* did someone say drinks?

  24. Yes, drinks! I'll buy the first round! Drink up!