Thursday, October 11, 2007

National Coming Out Day

Smunty gets into the spirit of National Coming Out Day

Smunty (aka Steve) has been struggling for years to come out of the closet. Will he? Or won’t he? Lately he’s been trying to convince us to call him “Viking Steve” in one last desperate grasp to maintain his testosterone-fueled breeder aura.

Observe his ongoing struggle…

“Someone, anyone. Take me.” Smunty wants bumsex and he wants it bad. He may have to make do with that bottle of beer at his elbow

Smunty sandwich. Smunty pictured (centre) between Piggy and Tazzy

Tazzy raises his leg to obscure Smunty’s raging hard-on caused by being in the presence of such delectable poofters

“Deflower me, Piggy!”

Smunty pouting because he can’t get any man-on-man action

“Where can I stick this thing?” Smunty asks no one in particular, surveying the landscape for clues…

‘Til he spots a willing sex partner on the horizon!…

Desperate in Dorset. Smunty going down on Portland Bill in lieu of a real cock.

“Carly who?” asks Steve.
If only Smunty’s long-suffering wife Carly had cut her fringe, she may have been able to see what was coming …

Smunty appears (far left) in a gay porno. The shame.

So there you have it, folks. Leave your words of encouragement here for Smunty and let’s hope he comes out of the closet on this, National Coming Out Day.

Note: Whatever you do, do NOT call him Viking Steve.


  1. Some people you can just tell are shirt lifters, I knew it as soon as I saw him dancing on the table to Cher in that ghey bar.

    I was just passing by.

  2. Steve.................(the viking)3:28 AM, October 11, 2007

    Bollocks, knudsy - you're a regular!!

    At least you probably would be a regular if I had ever been dancing to 'Turn Back Time' or any other Cher track in that Gay bar, or any gay bar, or any other drinking establishment whatever. Allegedly.

    All this talk of me batting for the batty boys is not going to make it any easier getting in to Valhalla!

    And anyway, Piggy has made it quite clear that I would only dilute the homo gene pool!

  3. Would Vi-queen Steve be more appropriate?

    and yes i would! (after a few drinks and 200mg of Kamagra)

  4. Smells like queen spirit in here.

  5. Coming out? As a debutante? Will there be a fabulous ball? Is he in the closet looking for the perfect gown to make his spectacular entrance?

  6. The fucking poof.

    I bet he's had cock up his arse before the years out.

    Sadly for him, despite his repeated requests, it won't be either of ours.

  7. BINGOWINGS & PIGGY: Maybe CyberVag could do the dirty with Smunty. He's been looking for cock lately himself, hasn't he?

    And he could lend Vi-Queen Steve one of his ball gowns.

  8. Nah MJ I only have eyes for IDV

    you know that!

    And in reference to the first pic I see it's Smunty the only gay in the village yeah?

  9. I knew there was something strage going on with Smunty but I just couldnt put my finger in, er uh, on it. :)

  10. CyberHoor is anyone's for a Danish Krone.

    I don't know why he's going on about only having eyes for IVD.

  11. His eyesite is poor and IDV's not got much to look at.

  12. Nah a stick of gum and a pet rock

    I'm classy like that

  13. I had the doors to all my closets removed so there'd be no place for the monsters to hide. Now I see it serves a dual random poof coming out.

    Steve, just admit it and we'll all move on. There's less shame in it nowadays, I'm told.

  14. He's ashamed of his deformed cock, though.

    As he should be.


  15. I didn't go into the details of his deformed cock lest I scare everyone off.

    We really need to get him laid and discussing the revolting details of his bendy bits won't win him any suitors.

    Except maybe for IVD who isn't fussy.

  16. I'm fussy enough not to want Piggy & Tazzy's leftovers.

    * puts CyberSocket's eyes in a jar with the rest of my ingredients *

  17. *vomits*

    Piggy and Tazzy leftovers??

    *vomits again*

    Steve a viking??

    Nah...I have more viking in me,I mean did the vikings even raid, rape,pillage as south as Dorset?

    Definitely a poofy southerner.

  18. IVD: You'll take whatever's on tap down at the docks though, won't you?

    SID: You've a Viking in you?

    Is it Smunty?

    How far in did he get?

  19. not ery far.i was up my round tower when the nords came protecting my scared bibles and things and things precious to me

  20. Certainly not! The Wrens are out of the question!

  21. Yeah, SID. I beg your pardon?

    * a lady doesn't say 'wot' *

  22. okay i've had a few too many with my lunch.

    i'll catch up with you lot later.

  23. Take as long as you like.

    *shudders at thought of seeing MJ chow down*

  24. Dirty poofs.

    All 3 of you.

  25. You're pretty twisted sister

  26. RICH: Sister? Are you referring to Smunty?