Thursday, October 04, 2007

Swear If You Dare

Sometimes somebody or something makes you so *#&!-angry you want to curse out loud. But under the circumstances you just can’t do it. Either because it’s unprofessional (you’re mad at your boss/colleague) or you’ll regret it instantly (swearing at traffic cop = ticket.)

So whatcha gonna do?

Come to Infomaniac to blow off a little steam, that’s what.

Tell us your favourite curse word.

Then work that curse word into a rant against whomever/whatever is grating on your last good nerve.

What are you *#&!-ing waiting for?

Disclaimer: Discontinue cursing and ranting on this blog if any of the following occurs: itching, vertigo, dizziness, tingling in extremities, loss of balance or coordination, slurred speech, temporary blindness, profuse sweating, or heart palpitations.


  1. What are you fucking talking about?

    I never get mad


  2. pierdolić!
    More an instruction than a swear word..........

  3. Fuck it. I wanted to be first.


  4. Shit

    Shitting Hell. It's too early in the morning for me to be annoyed at anyone/thing yet, especially as I'm not a shitting work today - Yay!

    So, to (nearly) everyone at work: Shit off, Fuckboxes!

  5. Thanks IVD - I've never been called a fuckbox before.
    It's almost a term of endearment.

    mj - at the moment I am attempting 'anger management' - I may get back to you later as the day takes its toll.

  6. My choice of swearword changes all the time. At the moment I'm likely to shout "TITS" if I'm annoyed about something.

    What with all the trouble we've been having (still are having) with the internet, I've been saying "TITS" several hundred times a day recently.

  7. FUCK is my fav word.
    When I was 8 1/2 months pregnant I parked my car on double yellows so I could get the shopping into the house without walking to far, Along comes a traffic warden with note book in hand starting to write, He said "please move your car"
    Me: No can't you see why i'm here?
    Twat: You have to move your car madam.
    Me: No I just need to unload the car then I'll move.
    He put the ticket on the windscreen and I took it off and told him to FUCK OFF!!!!!!!!!
    He said do you know who your talking to!
    I said I don't give a FUCK who you are I'm 8 1/2 months pregnant and with that shoved the ticket into his hand and drove off.
    Never heard a thing and two weeks later out popped our beatiful daughter.

  8. CYBERPUKE: Pikslikker.

    TONY: Ty kurwo.

    PIGGY: Go over to SID’s and write a FUCKing poem you lazy CUNT.

    IVD: Why aren’t you at work you SHITTING little FUCKBOX?

    Got an appointment at the STD clinic today?

    KAZ: Manage your anger by directing it into this comments box, bitch.

    BETTY: Has your Internet gone TITS up again?

    TATAS: FUCK, I would have been more impressed if you’d popped out the kid in the parking lot right then and there.

  9. Yeah popping one out in front of an old peoples home then there would have been more than one ambulance with all teh old folk popping off.

  10. I never curse. I'm angelic and pure as the driven snow.

    *halo glows over her head*

    Tatas ~ Loved the story. Pregger women get away with murder.

  11. Not so much a 'word', but a favorite phrase. Just for shits and giggles, let's see if you can pick it out of the sample sentence:

    "Tatas is a cum bubble belching road whore who sets back the womens movement 250 years. Equal rights indeed."

    (The above views are not to be taken literally but only as a vehicle of verbiage around which to couch the phrase in question. Any resemblence to blonkers is purely coincidental and unintentional)

  12. TATAS: What part of England are you from? I can't place your popping accent.

    MAIDY: “I used to be Snow White, but I drifted.”
    -- Mae West

    RIMSHOT: I'll turn this one over to Tatas.

  13. Wow you certainly are quite original MJ

    copying Piggy and all


  14. CYBERPOO & PIGGY: My use of the word "Pikslikker" was in homage to Piggy and his knack for nicknames.

    i.e. CyberVag, CyberVulva, Pikslikker, etc.

  15. Yeah yeah try to save that one

    you can't


  16. Maidy: thx hun I have a few more stories too and still getting away with murder.

    Rimshot: cum bubble belching road whore. I like it. You've just made a new friend. Now your in trouble mate.

    Mj: I'm a country bumkin from Wiltshire my lover and I'm sure you'll find something to take the piss now BITCH.

  17. CYBERPOOF: Polish my shoes, bumboy.

    TATAS: Trowbridge, by any chance?

  18. No way am I going anywhere near your stinky shoes

  19. Tatas: Thank you for taking it in the spirit it was meant (and written before my morning coffee, mind you). You're Aces in my book :)

    MJ: Nyah-nyah!

  20. CYBERPOO: You'd wear my shoes if you could see them. That much I know.

    RIMSHOT: Tatas has passed out on whatever paint thinner she's drinking.

  21. I don't use profanity...too damn (oops) vulgar. But if I did choose to use it, fuck, whore, slut, bitch, shit, and the newly acquired IDV's fuckbox would get equal airtime.

  22. don't forget: Fucktard, Fuckwad and Fuckhole as well as Fuckmuncher

  23. AWA: Haven't you forgotten "boogle?"

    RIMSHOT: You've done your homework. Good boy. You may watch TV now.

  24. Your all talking bollocks now.

    MJ:From Melksham me lover.

    RIMSHOT: Give me some credit I don't drink it I sniff it lmao.

    Have a great weekend guys from your cum bubble belching road whore.

  25. I wish I saw this post the night of my accident I coulve written a bundle of curses. I'm much more relaxed now. but some good sex would help me relax even more.

  26. TICKERS: Wash your mouth out this instant, young man!

    TATAS: Are Melkshamites famous for anything? Other than shagging anything in pants?

    RICH: You need a little sexual healing.

  27. heehee, boogle! I did forget!

  28. MJ: "Trowbridge is like the arse of Wiltshire, but not a JLo useful sort of arse, more like your average fat smelly arse. One of the prettiest counties in the UK needs somewhere to throw its sausage factories, its scabby markets and all the other chav-friendly amenities, whilst the rest of the county enjoys relatively chav-free communities. Connie is the CHAV as he's from CHATHAM in Kent which is CHAV central.
    I love the country and the smell of COW SHIT!

  29. TATAS: Finally something we agree on.

    Barn smell is my fave smell. I was raised in a farming community.

    By fat smelly arse do you mean like Piggy's?

  30. So you've been there at piggy's arse have you? I see does Tazzy know about this?