Saturday, October 27, 2007

Ginger Cavemen

A new study reports that Neanderthals had fair skin and RED HAIR!

The ginger gene has been discovered in DNA taken from the fossils of two Neanderthals.

Behold … the shocking evidence!

Homo neanderthalensis Piggy

(article via Hercules)


  1. Yay first!

    Before he tries to say it's not him.............bollocks.

    I know it's him because I took the photo!

    I took it first thing in the morning before he had a chance to sort out his hair, make up, and shave his back, feet and inner ear.

    He doesn't brush up too bad actually.

  2. MJ - Cunt

    Smunty - Cunt

    There will be revenge.

    Oh yes.

  3. I'm sure Tazzy is getting his rocks off to that picture

  4. Whereas most other people will just be throwing rocks at it.

  5. Rocks, burning torches, arrows, different personal hygiene products

    whatever they have at hand

  6. SMUNTY: Even Carly’s hair looks better in the morning than that mess.

    PIGGY: Smunty and I are like Teflon.

    Your words do not stick to us.

    CYPBERPOO & IVD: Do you suppose Piggy drives a Flintstone car?

    You know, the kind you have to pedal with your feet?

    *throws “Pebbles” at Piggy*

  7. I hope so, they couldn't possibly have given him a license for a real car

  8. As the other hand is out of site I think Piggy has Tazzy by the hair pulling him along the flour.

  9. TATAS: Pulling him along the FLOUR?

    Whatever for?

    He's battered up poor Taz and is going to have a nice fry-up?

    Talk about your full English.

  10. I thought Tatas meant that Tazzy had been baking and Piggy got too aroused because of it

  11. At last, a role model for all gingers.


  12. Knowing Piggy, that's a KFC pterodactyl thigh in his hand.

  13. lmfao


    It was the yorkshire pudding comments that's been on my mind. I just love food.

  14. CYBERPOOF: Possibly. Piggy gets aroused by Tazzy's rice pudding.

    GARFY: Piggy's a shoe-in to replace Chris Evans as the gingers' poster boy.

    CONNIE: I wonder whose thigh it is?

    It's too big around to be IVD's.

    TATAS: If you love food, you'll love Tazzy's rice pudding.

  15. Of course it's not my thigh. I may have been around for a bit, but even I'm not as old as the Captain CavePig!

    On closer inspection, it looks like a rabbit slung over his shoulder. I suppose it could be the caveman equivalent of the dildo Rabbit?

  16. What curly hair he has.

    His hair looks like something from Marie Antoinettes court.

    Off with his ginger head!

  17. Umm Tazzy's rice pudding, well I don't think so bitch.

  18. It's all thick and lumpy,which is why it appeals to Piggy,being of the same consistency and all that.

  19. My old English teacher used to say the proper way to pronunce neanderthal was nee an derth all (the stress on the derth). He wasn't ginger.

  20. Most haven't evolved much further since then...most

  21. he's got something's ass slung over his shoulder!

    and a big ol' bone.


  22. IVD: You may not be as old as the Caveman Pig but your meat is just as tough.

    SID: Something from Marie Antoinette’s court?

    The jester, perhaps?

    TATAS: You’d eat it and you’d love it.

    SID: Thick and lumpy like your cottage cheese arse?

    GEOFF: To be safe, I just say caveman.

    RIMMMMMER: This is not a philosophy lecture.

    MANUEL: Welcome!

    Tell me…have you brought Tony Bourdain with you?

    If so, please leave him behind here when you exit.

    Come again.

    *tips generously*

    FN: That’s not a big ole bone.

    That’s a prosthesis.

  23. And you know this how MJ?

    Tazzy been taking trips to your house or has he been sending you his rice pudding in the post?