Wednesday, November 06, 2019

Norma's Garden Photos

Our final entry in the NINTH ANNUAL INFOMANIAC GARDEN PHOTOS EVENT comes to us from Miss Normadesmond of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Take it away, Norma...

Norma’s got many things that are green, but her thumb ain’t one of them.

My neighborhood has a community garden. 
The gals love to take cuttings from one another...

 Luba seems to have found a bulb that needs planting...

Our grapes have tender vines...

There’s no lack of fertilization...

Morey lives across the street. He’s always looking for a hedge to clip...

Our American Gothic!...

Of course, he lives in another neighborhood...

I’d just mowed. Thankfully, my clippings are bagged...


  1. Harvest season is upon us! I've spotted some low-hanging fruit... Jx

  2. I love the dear, but this makes me want to give up gardening. And someone tell Norma, that's not the water spigot. And she should really have on knee pads.

    On a bright side, thank goodness she is wearing crocs.

  3. I think they've forgotten their bloomers.

    1. You're right!
      The entire neighborhood has dementia!

  4. The whole thing looks like a suicide cult in the making.

  5. Looks like her Leylandii has had too much fertiliser. Where's Morey with his shears?

  6. BITCHES: Poor Norma is experiencing technical difficulties in accessing Infomaniac. Something to do with a new software system. We hope she's back here soon.

  7. Norma needs Flutschi. Everybody knows that Norma needs Flutschi.

  8. Sersly. Where the f*ck do you come up with these types images?! I popped in with my cafe and biscuits and I'm aghast with the mounds of pale flesh!! Those folks need some self-tanning wipes ASAP... Happy holidaze!

  9. Goodness - summer is over now !
    We need to open some windows and give the place a good airing. And we need Venuses in Furs. The vodka fountain is dry and corroded, the plastics in the cocktail lounge are brittle - time to refurbish !
    Come on, it's been a bit since yer last gig. Your sparsely haired audience is still here, needs just a kick in the groin, as usual.
    Been long enough in the hole.

  10. Why aren't they wearing their MAGA hats???