Thursday, January 10, 2019

Winter Health


How do you Bitches stay warm and well in the winter?


  1. Long warm showers, flannel sheets, and a creature reknowned for his abilities to kindle the ember with his member...a MAN!

  2. Replies
    1. Norma dear,

      The mucous be sticky,
      but why must you brag?
      Your driftwood gums,
      couldn't service a stag.

      Your lure where you dwell,
      as one can decipher,
      best serve a lecherous,
      and notorious lifer.

      For beyond your fruit,
      how far it has fallen,
      Only Craiglist rejects,
      are apt to come callin'.

      The truth it seeps up,
      as rot shall do,
      If you stand on your head,
      you may curry a screw.

      When your forest becomes,
      a visage of just stumps,
      power wash your clogged self,
      install lubricating sumps.

      Then frolic afar,
      you know the routine,
      quick, sell the sizzle,
      before they imbibe the unclean.

      You slumber 'neath a bridge,
      this we are certain.
      Free clinics smile and wave,
      You're helpin' not hurtin'.

  3. Replies
    1. Hey!

      Although, fair enough, though. We are VERY flammable and do put out a lot of heat...

    2. And lighter than a duck. Jx

  4. By rubbing two sticks together?

  5. Turned the heat up. Apply mass quantities of body lotion.

  6. It's been quite mild here, my fuchsias are still flowering, it's a bit nippy on a night though that's why I take a hot water bottle to bed 'bok-bok Carmen bok-bok' and if I go to sleep with the hot water bottle pressing on my neither regions I have very pleasant dreams!