Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Heat Wave

So spring finally sprung but now we're havin' a heat wave!


  1. Earworm alert!!
    And it might be summer now... I can't see because of the Devon murk.

  2. 100f/38c-ish here for days now. Uggh.

  3. Oh stop griping! Yesterday it was 26 C and it's winter here!

  4. "Gee, gee! Her anatomy makes the mercury rise to 93!
    Having a heatwave, a tropical heatwave, the way that she moves,
    That thermometer proves that she certainly can..."

    It's warm here in London, that's for sure - but constant thunderstorms and murk to go with it. All I want is to top up my tan from Spain... Grrrr! Jx

  5. No air conditioning till I get to the home center this weekend and get some weather stripping for around the unit. It's a good excuse for an evening of icy cocktails.

    If the featured gent didn't manscape so severely he'd have some mulch around that thing, which would cut down on the need to water and keep in nutrients to help it grow. And it would give the garden area definition.


  6. it's windy and chilly here. Poor little tourists think they're coming to California and wind up in something out of Jane Eyre.

  7. I do hope someone has informed the gentlemen that even-odd watering restrictions are still enforced with even house numbers watering on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays and odd house numbers watering on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. He strikes me as an odd number. I do not believe that this is his day to water.

  8. Wear sunscreen! Sunburns can sting. And drink lots of water!

  9. The remnants of Alberto will be there shortly to cool you off.

  10. I don't think "water sports" is a concept that he really gets? Probably for the best, really.

  11. Infomaniac....bringing hoses together.

  12. BITCHES: Now that you're all refreshed and hosed down...

    Your comments usually show up in my Gmail inbox. However, I'm not receiving your comments at all in my inbox. I felt dejected until I visited my blog and HERE YOU ARE!

    Does anyone have any idea why your comments aren't showing up in my inbox?

    It's not a big deal but I'm curious if this happens to you, too.

    Blogging problems. Do they never end?

    1. I'm having exactly the same problem - I have to check from my backend [© Mr DeVice] to see if any comments have arrived or not. Blame the EU! [It may be linked to this new GDPR directive that requires everyone to give consent to being logged and contacted by websites.]


    2. Things not showing up in your box? That cavernous abyss? Hardly surprised.

    3. You could be speaking of numerous people on this here blog... Jx

    4. Norma dear,

      With knees to span
      a square state,
      your catch and release,
      but an empty crate.

      As they bypass your chasm,
      for folly or fun,
      Self satisfy 'til orgasm,
      visiting hours are done.

      An e-mail glitch,
      will soon self-correct,
      Your unscratchable itch,
      makes no one erect.

      Try and entice,
      a hairless man with a hose,
      moisture content will rise,
      where ever he flows.

      He's the best you can hope,
      expect, mount, or do.
      While sewer treatment types cringe,
      when your essence runs through.

      To think you'd get porked,
      it seems rather wrong;
      my muse on a lawn chaise,
      sporting a No-Pest strip thong.

      Stranger things have occurred,
      when you xquat and then pout,
      disillusioned brides,
      see their husbands turned out.

      Add extra postage,
      to packages en route,
      Stamp, "Norma with care",
      before dropping in your chute.

  13. Damn, I do not know nothing about your inbox, this is clearly a case for LẌ.

    I only know that for some days non-google-commenters on blogger-blogs are reduced to "Name/URL" and "Anonymous", no more cooperation with wordpress or such.
    I can live with this, it only means that my avatar does not show up.

    Anyway, dearest - take care, rest, sleep, and drink enough water. *mwah*

    1. The same at my place last week. I blame the fuckwits at Blogger.

      [fluffs pillows]

      There. There.

    2. My email notifications are still working... is it a browser thing? I use Safari. I've had different glitches.

  14. Thanks, everyone for your comments. It's good to know that I'm not the only one.

    This is a problem I can live with and I'll try not to let it fluster me.

    And in answer to Miss Scarlett, I use Safari.

    *kicks Norma's inbox*

  15. What no one realizes is this man is taking an epic whiz into an empty hose.

  16. "Havin'a Hurricane, a tropical Hurricane..." It's deliciously hot here in the tropics of Florida. Speaking of...when is the annual garden special? Mine's gettin' ripe!

    1. Start taking photos. Annual Garden Photo event will be in the early fall.

  17. Good thing he’s keeping it cool in this heat.