Saturday, February 28, 2015


Spock's final words...

I'm certain Spock's last words were a reaction to Google's decision to crack down on sexually explicit content on Blogger.

Thanks to LX for informing us that Google has backed down on that decision.

I may still consider switching to Wordpress as Peenee, Wally, AyeM8y and others have done as result of the cock-up created by what Jon calls "this megalomaniac mega-corporation."

In other news, you've probably all heard about Leonard Nimoy by now.


  1. Spock also wisely said: "Without followers, evil cannot spread."

    Thus arises the conundrum. Do we depart "the evil" that is Google? Or do we stay and resist?

    Anyhoo, RIP Mr Nimoy... Jx

    1. He hits you.

      He says "I swear I won't do it again, baby."

  2. I was ready for a change anyway, it's kind of like redecorating or trying a new hairdo..!

  3. though never a trekky, i think it's lovely how this character came to define him.

    even though i did move my stupid blog to wp, i haven't been back to make it look presentable. i'm torn between two worlds.

    1. As long as you're not torn between two lovers.

  4. "Live long and prosper"...
    I'm staying with google for now... maybe until next time... and there is sure to be a next time with this mob...