Thursday, March 23, 2006

Welcome to Infomaniac!


  1. Found you looking through my stats. So you've managed to set it up then. Best of luck and thanks for the link (and the same from Geoff, who is watching some football at the moment).

  2. It's half-time now and I was only watching it because Betty was on the computer.

    Welcome to the world of solo blogging, MJ. It's a bit like the luge. We've just got to keep cheering each other on.

    sdpoo - no, I won't say what I think that means.

  3. Betty & Geoff: I’m rolling out the red carpet for you as my first (and possibly last) guests. Now I’m under obligation to produce content! Thankfully there are 8 hours between us and you’ll toddle off to bed soon, enabling me to come up with something new for tomorrow. Cheers mates.

  4. Hooray! I love it so far MJ.

    Knowing you, it'll be awesome. Here's to you dearie, Cheers!