Thursday, February 09, 2012

Getting to Know You


Which Infomaniac Bitch(es) would you most like to:

a) Invite to dinner or an evening of conversation and cocktails

b) Party with

c) Fuck senseless


  1. Me!

    First, by the way.

    As in 'Nations' baby.

  2. PS: Would you be interested in the Safe Word beforehand?

  3. Plan A: norma, MJ, Thombeau...

    Plan B: Cookie, Jill, M-80 & Thom (you didn't put a limit on the senseless part)....

  4. Everybody! I am greedy like that.

  5. a) Anyone who reads this!

    b) Everyone who reads this!

    c) Yes!

  6. Hmmmmm

    (a) Kabuki, Princess Steph, lx, Eros, and 6 other spots you bitches should fight for.

    (b) Mistress MJ - altho I would quite naturally be on a leash at her feet during the party :)

    (c) Kevin, IVD, & AyeM8y

  7. I'd be up for options a) and b) with everyone on the Bitch List and all at the same time.

    Option c)is very tempting... but to be honest I wouldn't quite know where to start.

  8. a: everyone and anyone - bring your little dogs too I don't care (but isn't aren't cocktails and conversation just a lead in to dinner?)

    b: everyone and anyone (although I must warn you I do not drink, do drugs anymore and don't share Bible quotes - only quote fabulous lines from The Women, Sunset Blvd, All About Eve and I am a friend of Judy's)

    c: OMG Thombeau and Penee separately or together

  9. a) First Nations and Kabuki Zero- After an evening with them I would almost be guaranteed a spot in the local mental health spa with all the meds I wanted and 3 square a day.
    b) All of you at Aunt Ida's Miniature Golf Course and 2 for 1 Marguerita Bar. It would be so wonderful to see you all in this setting and what might happen when you're drunk with clubs.

  10. A) Everyone

    B) Everyone

    C) I'd prefer to sit in a darkened corner, watching everyone fornicate, with only the orange glowing tip of my cigarette as a reminder that I am there (and I don't even smoke...)

  11. Mistress MJ is so lucky that she gets to party with you Bitches everyday.

  12. A) Everyone here

    B) Everyone here

    C) Everyone here but Ayem8y twice. Or more.

  13. A) Jon (deepblue) because I'm selfish and don't want to share him with anyone.


    C) Kind of confused on some of ya, not sure if a few of ya are boys or girls yet, but I'll try ya'll at least once. Twice if I like it!

  14. Yayoi Kusama aka the Polka Dot Queen.

  15. A. everyone

    B. everyone

    C. Doctor hasn't cleared me for fucking yet ... so I'll sit in the other corner with just the orange/red glow of my cigarette.

  16. Like Ask The Cool Cookie, A. and B. And C. - though I'd prefer a corner with a good reading lamp and my crochet.