Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Cocktails, Anyone?

Mistress MJ is away for the day but has installed this new cocktail machine in the Infomaniac Cocktail Lounge especially for YOU, Bitches!...


Mistress MJ hopes to catch up with you on Thursday.

UPDATE: Cute bartender added as per Deep Blue Jon's request...

And yes, the Vodka Fountain is still working.


  1. But the vodka fountain's still working, eh?

  2. Update posted to answer your questions.

    Now chat amongst yourselves as Mistress MJ is busy.

  3. Ahhh ... I love having a choice!

    *stumbles from vodka fountain over to cock*

  4. champagne has been opened on the plantation, sugar!!!!! good news!!! xoxoxoxoxox

  5. Wake me up when he starts dancing on the bar.

  6. Congrats Savannah!
    Congrats MJ installing the Booze-atron 3000! Now we don't have to simply wander from bottle to bottle mixing them in our mouths!

    ...which was awesome come to think about it.

  7. I LOVE the freakin' tube of ice cubes on the side!! Fabulous! Where's the robot arm that shakes the martini shaker? Hope that's not a design flaw?

  8. well, he won't be canada dry once i get at him.

  9. now, why did I come here with a computer question?
    Well, you had lost your blog the one time, but then, got it BACK! ...and well, that makes you a computer geek.
    (I was shy to call you a "pro" you understand)
    She is already flying along with whatever the problem was behind her.
    (not close enough behind her to need those fancy girdles down there (scroll, scroll, we're scrolling we're scrolling. Oh look. It's Bob Alexander, )


    (no kidding...)

  10. BONEMAN: Apologies for not responding sooner to your question but I couldn't find your email address so that I could write to you directly. Your question went unanswered as I got busy with life in general.

    I’m not a computer geek (far from it) and were it not for the help of MANY Infomaniac Bitches, especially Eroswings, I never would have retrieved my blog nor the comments that also went missing.

    My only advice to you is to read this post in which I thanked everyone and indicated what they’d done for me.

    When you’re reading the post, pay particular attention to the links you'll see included in the following paragraph…

    “Eros started off with Help Restore Infomaniac. A link on that post led to his appeal on a Google Help Forum.”

    Good luck with this!

    BITCHES: Apologies for not responding personally to everyone today or visiting your blogs but Mistress MJ is up to her neck in activities today.

    You may now return to the bar.

  11. Did I... I say DID I hear "Canada Dry"?
    Le Champagne des ginger ale!

    You can definitely "Trust" us for it!

  12. **refills vodka fountain**

    bizzy day with the drinkees!

  13. I was a bartender at a nightclub for many years. My specialty was the Russian Quaalude, which involved Stoli, Kahlua, Franjelico, and cream. So tasty, and guaranteed to FUCK YOU UP!

  14. My favorite Cocktail is the Cookietini:

    2 shots of Vodka 360 (because its the best, and its less expensive than their pretentious vodkas)

    half a cap of sweet vermouth

    a cocktail sword of cocktail onions.

    This is a sipping martini, but you have to knock back the first swallow. And like Tom's Russian Quaalude, these will seriously fuck you up.

    *HINT! Make a pitcher in the morning, throw the cocktail onions in the mix and place in the freezer. When you come home, those onions will have soaked up that vodka and will be a real treat. Something nice to come home to, even if you don't have Ed Fury half clothed behind the bar..

  15. AND, if made correctly, the Cookietini has no taste - the sweet vermouth cancels out any harshness in the vodka.

  16. Try a delicious 'Bloody Mary Todd Lincoln' and THEN we'll talk about 'fucked up', chillun. To wit:

    2 shots Recipe
    1 cup V8
    1/4 tsp Yucatecan
    dash fresh ground pepper

    garnish: something that won't scare you once you've finished the glass

  17. You were working as a waitress in a cocktail bar when I met you ...

    Why not try my favourite tipple

    The Barnsley Leg Opener:

    1 bottle of barley wine
    1 bottle of Diamond White cider
    1 pint of supermarket sherry
    meththylated spirits to taste.

    Mix in a bucket and then pass it around.

  18. But use a bucket made from metal ...

  19. Finally, scientifically mixed cocktails here. It's about time.

    And hooray for pornologist Ask the Cool Cookie (Cooks to his friends) for identifying the barbitch.

  20. Do you need ask? After all, there is always time for a cock-and tail!!!

  21. And you say the vodka fountain is still working? I thought it was still broke from when Deep Blue plug it up with his...oh nevermind....sips cocktail...

  22. Be careful Maddie. Beeeee careful!

    *pours vodka in his ginger ale*

  23. What quick and numerous comments you get!
    (Envious in Scotia)
    Also, vodka and ginger ale is not to be sniffed at.

  24. Thank you Peenee for recognizing by pornoknowledge. My collection of fabulous 80s magazine porn has your name all over it. (See my blog for details)

  25. BITCHES: Mistress MJ will visit your blogs on Thursday if all goes according to plan. In the meantime, I’ll post something new to wet your whistles. Let it be known that I am most impressed by your cocktail recipes!

    SCOTSYANK: Welcome to Infomaniac! Are you a kilt-lifter?

    PEENEE: If you right click on the bartender pic, you’ll see that I labeled it “Ed-Fury-cocktail”…but I’m sure that Cookie with his extensive knowledge of porn, er, physique models guessed it without looking.

  26. I both lift and wear the kilt. More often to be found wearing. Have you tried it?

  27. SCOTSYANK: Mistress MJ does not kilt-lift and tell.

    By the way, you may be interested in this post in which Mistress MJ revealed that Scots are the dirtiest people in the U.K.

  28. My extensive research on this matter does not bear out these findings.

  29. SCOTSYANK: I’m avoiding Aberdeen until I’ve seen more evidence.