Monday, June 18, 2007

Infomaniac Has Left the Country

This was the scene of our last summer vacation but when I suggested to “C” that I take the wheel and we drive off the cliff of the Grand Canyon just like in the movie, she objected. No sense of adventure, that one.

Infomaniac is on hols.

Mark your calendars to return here on Wednesday, July 11th.

This is my 700th posting so I deserve a long break. It’s hard work keeping you lot amused and entertained.

My lovely friend “C” will join me on my journey. Long-time Infomaniac readers may remember our last trip together to Las Vegas, The Grand Canyon and the Brothels of Nevada.

This is the only bit of “C” that I was allowed to reveal on my blog during our last trip. Maybe I just need to get her liquored up and she’ll show us more.

We’re venturing considerably further afield this time.

And at some point in the journey, I’ll be meeting up with a very special mystery friend.

See you in July, bitches!



  1. Your going on holiday for a whole month?!!!!

    Are you royalty or something?

  2. I am looking forward to seeing you in Devon - and I have had the sofa covers dry cleaned - as a precaution...

  3. Have fun, darling! You leave just when I get back into the swing of thangs. Missed ya!

  4. That is what I call a long vacation.


    Strap on those strappy sandals and have a fabulous time with colourful cocktails.

    Remember, value for money. Go for the ones with the most garnish.

  5. Strap on a strap on.

    Have fun.

  6. Special Friend???

    I wonder who that could be???

  7. I reckon it's SID.

    Why ain't we invited?

    We have to put up with the Smunts next weekend.

  8. And I'm wondering...

    Is 'C' a lesbo friend?

    Those forearms sorta indicate that she is.

  9. ho, i told you specifically not to come visiting.

    unless you see the red necktie fastened round the doorknob...dont come visiting.

    oh, have a great time, i guess.

  10. Its me its me, no not really. Hey that was a bit sudden, Have fun and if I don't see you again then I've died or something but you have fun, don't worry about me the blood I'm coughing up isn't too bad.

    Have ya changed yer mind about going yet?

  11. Knudsy - keep a wee bottle of that coughed up blood for us!

    We'll auction it off on eBay.

    Should raise enough for a packet of tampons for MJ.

  12. It must be blogger holiday season.

    Or blobber perhaps, if MJ's gonna use those tammies?

  13. I drink my blood back up, I don't want to lose too much .

  14. Well,maidy had the boy.All are doing fine.

  15. As you all know, MJ is off on her summer holiday, sampling the delights of the Greek Island of Lesbos. She was a little busy before she left, buying batteries and lubricant, so she no doubt just forgot to ask me to step in and reply to your comments. I'm pretty sure that she meant to though and I am only too happy to oblige.

    Frobisher - Does anyone actually have any proof that she is on holiday? It could be a ruse. Maybe she is doing time? Rehab maybe? I suspect that she is a sex addict.

    Mutley - Invest in a slipcover. She is a "gusher". Things can get rather messy.

    Awaiting - That's a lovely smile you have there. I bet MJ never tells you that. This blog needs more hollow compliments.

    Cyberpete - It's a little known fact that MJ has unfeasibly large feet. Too big for conventional womans sizes. In fact, the only footwear she can find to fit are rubber wellies and croc's. Strappy sandals are not an option.

    Garfer - Strap on dildo's are not an option either. They are a requirement.

    SID - If the "special friend" is me she is in for a "rather large surprise" if you know what I mean (and I think you do.)

    Piggy & Tazzy - I think MJ would want me to call you both cunts. The Smunts too. It's not me lads, it's her.

    1st Nations - I know, I know. You just get comfortable, spreadeagled across the sofa, The Sound of Music DVD cued up to your favourite bit, lotion in hand when there's a knock at the door and it's MJ. At least that's how it happens in the dream.

    Knudsen - Along with Piggy & Tazzy you sir, are a cunt. A disgrace. You should be ashamed of yourself.

    Piggy & Tazzy - She uses rolled up beer mats the cheap bitch.

    IDV,IVD,DVI whatever - As the winner of the shorts you are my sworn enemy. I hope they give you a rash.

    GEO - Congratulations. I am sure that by "had the boy" you are referring to the birth of a child. Anything else would be unacceptable.

    I know that hijacking MJ's blog while she is on "holiday" may be considered uncool and a completely cuntish thing to do but it is what she would want.

  16. Is this very special mystery friend Les Battersby? Fuck knows where he is, too.

  17. They already did, Eddie. And that was just from getting them out of the parcel wrapping. I was using tongs and wearing two pairs of Marigolds, too!

    I hope you're happy?

  18. so she's still gone?


    any of you out there with the proper skillset should have LONG SINCE hacked this place. please.

    not that i want to put any, you know, IDEAS into anyones head.

    *whistling, looking nonchalant, entering another 'hello kitty teen vegetable nun xxx' url into the template....*

  19. Are you having an entertaining time out there? That's a wonderful looking photograph ... I'm here totally at random, jumped via friends of your friends following a comment someone left at mine ... I'm at gledwood2.blogspot, you're welcome to drop by any time... see you there later hopefully ... all the very best to you ... from
    ~ vol 2 ...

  20. *ponders hacking MJ's blog and defacing it*

    *waits to see how much thought there is for the idea*

    *then kicks Eddie in the face*

    *wonders just how mad MJ would be if the tempation to hack the blog overcame us*

  21. Have a wonderful time and try not to start any 'International Incidents'.
    I can't help but wonder what "venturing considerably further afield" actually means but I am enjoying my adolescent presumptions and found them to be only mildly disturbing during the first couple of viewings.
    Now I am totally into it!

  22. I'm fierce entertained altogether!


    wow, that came out wrong.

  24. Had A Good Holiday?
    Looking Forward To your 701st Post!

  25. Just dropping by. Hope you're enjoying your world tour, especially the trip down under to the Australian bush (no fnar fnarring at the back please). I hope the incident with the Borneo tribeseman wasn't too distressing, and that the malaria is clearing up.

    Come back soon.

  26. fine; it's july and you're not back yet.

    *wanders off muttering and gesturing*

  27. FN - Dirty cunt. That's the filthiest things we've heard this week.

    And almost verbatim what Tazzy says to me when I'm giving him one up his rather warm and welcoming chuff.

  28. July 7th has come and gone. No sign of MJ. Detained by customs no doubt or receiving treatment for some horrid sexually transmitted disease she picked up.

  29. Eddie clearly didn't read the bit that says 'July 11th'.

    Thick cunt.

  30. He obviously isn't aware that MJ went on holiday to spread her sexually transmitted diseases either.

    She does love to share them.

    And the STD's

  31. aaaaaaand she's still not back. what is she doing, shagging her way through the phonebook in east to west order? she ought to be in japan by now.

  32. Maybe someone swapped her for a 'Hello Kitty'?