Saturday, June 09, 2007

PMS Alert!

Back off, bitches.

I need my medication…


  1. Stop fucking moaning and makes us all a cup of tea.
    And that ironing won't do itself, you know.

  2. Retreat! Retreat! MJ alert!

  3. Errrrr hello?

    Scary, must retreat must retreat must retreat must retreat

    it's like a car crash you want to leave but you are just too curious

  4. Fuckin' PMS my arse. Try shaving your face every couple of days and see how you like that.
    By the way, your mustache is starting to grow back in. Would you like to borrow a BIC?

  5. VICUS: Let me press those trousers for you.

    No, don't take them off.

    SID: I have a barrack buster with your name on it.

    CYBERPETE: You won't get far running in those heels.

    EDDIE: Try removing my foot from up yer arse.

  6. Honey, I'd run marathons in these stilettos

    Bring it on bitch

    bring it on


  7. PMS?

    Here - have a cream bun and shut the fuck up whining. You should be used to it by now.

    Make sure you've done the dishes and scrubbed the toilet pan first though.

  8. Drat! Now see what you made us do, you stupid cunting whining woman?

    M and J! Arrrrgh!

  9. Just felt like leaving another comment talking about nothing but shite.

    Just like pre-menstrual bitches do.

    Cabbages were up in price at Morrisons today.

  10. And the Bitch Pills are for dogs.

    How very appropriate.

    How many have you had so far?

  11. Or should that be 'how many bottles'?

    Cleaned the manufacturers out, no doubt.

    Where they extra strength, by any chance?

  12. Women with PMS smell..well...different.

    I have an acute sense of smell and can sniff one out at least half a mile away..ok then.. in the same room.

  13. You'd be able to smell MJ's from half a mile away, that's for sure.

    In fact, we can smell it from here!

    Poor Mr MJ.

  14. Fuck all of you! You’re all a bunch of cunts. Except Cyberpete. No wait. Cyberpete’s a friend of IVD’s so he’s automatically a cunt. Anyway, fuck all of you! I go away for a few hours and come back to this mess. Thanks for fouling my blog. And unlike sunny England and Norn Iron, it’s pouring rain all day here and I’m soaked. And not one but two cars tried to run me down. And SID, that smell you detect is the Semtex cocktail I’m mixing for you. Fucking Irish cunt.

    *shoves cream bun in Piggy’s fat gob and shoves the toilet brush up SID’s arse*

  15. Ooooh! Get her! Touchy bitch.

    Anybody would think PMS was something difficult to deal with.

    Have you finished that washing up yet?

    Oh and fetch me a beer from the fridge on your way.

  16. PIGGY: You think it's bad now? Just wait 'til I get cramps!

    *hurls tin of Grolsch at Piggy's head*

  17. That smell is because you've had your head up your arse SID.

    Now... you want the toilet cleaned just bend over and let me get that brush out of your arse...

  18. Cramps? Oh goody!

    *looks forward to added value excitement*

    Last long, do they?

    *hopes so*

  19. Jaysus wept..

    Did I say it was a bad smell????

    And don't forget to open the tin of beer and pour it the style of a Greek Goddess...oh and bring the crisps,(no sorry chips for your understanding) and feed me them one by one.

    *lies waiting on the couch*

  20. PISSOFF: I’ve had my arm up SID’s arse.

    It smells of cabbage and Guinness.

    PIGGY: DAYS of pain. I’ll make sure you suffer along with me.

    *hopes Piggy’s reincarnated as a woman*

    SID: Coincidentally, I’ve just torn open a bag of chips with my teeth to sate the incredible salt craving that goes along with the PMS.

    The fly on your trousers is next on my list.

    *bares fangs*

  21. *bares a crucifix and garlic*

    Your just after my stake.

    Dirty PMS ridden Canuck

  22. SID: Your stake has dry rot.

    And is infested by termites.

    Filthy Irish slutbag.

  23. Termites???

    In Ireland???


    You only get those in backward countries.

  24. Backwards countries?

    Like Barnsley?

  25. I need medication...but it aint for pms.

    More like I need "I hate the worl" pills.

    Yes, that would make it better.

    I think.

  26. PMS.....I think you're having us on!

    Surely a woman of your age has left the world of menstruation behind a long time ago - those bottles are just your HRT pills, you poor old love.

    Mr Waring - she probably does have to shave every couple of days, although I can imagine it's a common sight in her house seeing her walk around in the mornings with Veet hair removal cream all over her chin and top lip!

  27. AWA: How can you hate the world when you have US?!

    STEVE: You can borrow my Veet for the tranny compo (see Sunday's posting) although you'll have stiff competition from some of the other girlie boys who frequent Infomaniac.

  28. You have any veet left over after veet'ing your nipples?

  29. PIGGY: Not a drop to spare after Veeting SID's big arse.

  30. Do you have any Rich Pills?

    It has been said that PMS is THE worst three weeks of every month!