Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Daddy’s Day!

Truly, he's an awful eejit.

To all the daddies out there … enjoy your special day.

Just don't click here, okay?

UPDATE: Maidy's in labour!


  1. Trouble with being a postie daddy is that I'm always up before the cardbearing sprogs and I never get breakfast in bed!

    *goes back to hunting for pressies*

    *in the glorious sunshine*

  2. Ewww God! I clicked!

    * removes eyes from sockets and flushes them down the loo *

  3. STEVE: The Royal Mail delivers on Sundays?!

    IVD: Can't you use your third eye?

  4. I'll pass on the Daddy Bear site. I did click once but I refuse to click twice.

  5. PISSOFF: I'm sure he's only hoping for fellas to click twice.

    Oh what the hell.

    *clicks again*

  6. *vomits*

    I remember that site from before...Piggy advised me about it and suggested I take a look.

  7. SID: Oh g'won. They're looking for new recruits.

  8. Remember the TV show BJ and the Bear? now that could be a name for a blog.

    She would be in 'New' Labour to be exact, better than the conservatives I suppose.

  9. I have had several litters and would expect a dozen or more cards... two!! Just two!!

  10. I've given up being in labour.

    I honestly think JT is holding out for the drugs on Wednesday.

  11. KNUDSEN: BJ and the Bear? About a trucker, right?

    Maidy’s man Geo should rename his blog, then.

    MUTLEY: Several litters?

    Your wife must be quite the bitch.

    MAIDY: Wednesday? Wednesday’s out of the question.

    I’ve got places to go. People to see.

    Step to it, you lazy bitch.

  12. Ewww thanks MJ

    I hope you don't have any more treats for us.

    I know you warned about clicking but ewww don't do that again


  13. CYBERPETE: The treat is that I'm leaving you for awhile.

    *clicks heels of ruby slippers*

  14. I have always wondered where the expression 'Whose Your Daddy' started? You must know this or atleast make up some perverted response so that I can sleep tonight.