Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Scene from the 1984 film Dune

It’s time for the third installment in Infomaniac’s new series entitled Toxic Totty.

From time to time, Infomaniac will post images of celebrities who should have kept their clothes ON. Or, if not in a state of undress, should reconsider their fashion options.

Today we feature singer, songwriter, musician, actor, environmental activist, wanker Sting.

again with the flying jockstrap

fuck off ya big pillock

Warning: Toxicity level increases here…

Warning: Extreme Toxicity Alert!

Hazmat suits recommended!...

Shove your lute up your shute.


  1. Yay!!!

    You have exceeded your toxicity levels here mj.
    And to think he started out as a nice working class northern lad.

  2. he seems to have a need to hold his arms out a lot.

    what really slays me is the ginormous size of his winged undies, which are clearly compensating for a wee willy! it's so cute, i just want to wiggle it with my finger! (NOT.)

  3. KAZ: Was Gordie a Geordie?

    CB: He's holding out his arms to show us how big he thinks his willie is.

    PRU: It's a we-nis.

  4. Hasn't he got a small willy? And it's not even cold or anything where that pic was taken.

    And the reason he doesn't get stalked is because he's so fucking ugly.

    And a twat.

  5. And don't you think Tickers slightly resembles Sting?

    Nah. Me neither.

  6. PIGGY: Yes, stick a basket of fruit on his head and you've got Tickers!

  7. Now we know why he has to use tantra to enhance his sex life,cos there's fuck all going on down there.

    Piggy you use tantra don't you?

    Tazzy told me.

  8. SID: Piggy has frantic sex. Not tantric sex.

  9. Toxic Totty?

    But I disagree. Aside from the bad hair, flying jockstrap and micro-cock, he's all right.

    The Host fancied him so much when he first saw Sting in Dune.

  10. > Shove your lute up your shute. <

    You know MJ I don't think he can, it's just a hunch.

    I do however think he has improved with age. Colour me crazy but I'd let him shag me.

    He couldn't do much harm with that micro weenis of his.

  11. Can you just get back to the smut please?

  12. you could say he's got the body of an italian renaissance sculpture. (all Michaelangelo's works had tiny todgers too.)

  13. (isn't it kind of sad though that despite everything Sting has done, all we can talk about is how small his cock is. ladies: how would we fell if the blokes did this about, say, the size of Jenifer Aniston's boobs? I'm just wondering.)

  14. IVD: The Host is not fussy.

    The Host is a hussy.

    CYBERPETE: See note to IVD.

    If Sting shoved the lute up his shute
    The sound would be discordant.
    I would have to press Mute.

    CONNIE: What do you think this is?

    A smut emporium?

    CB: Michaelangelo's David was probably scared shitless as he faced the giant Goliath.

    Hence the tiny todger.

    Sting was only facing Annie Liebovitz.

  15. I dunno, Infomaniac, I'd still do him, as long as he promised not to do the tantric sex. If I want to shag for twelve hours I'd become a porn star, known ta mean?

  16. EMMAK: You're welcome to him.

    All I can say is, "Don't stand so close to me."

  17. Likes getting his kit off then. I know lots of women, and some blokes who'd 'do' him. Emmak isn't alone.

  18. *looks at the last photo*

    Not even worth it.

    *goes to look at nude pics of Nick Beyeler instead*

  19. teehee

    Carly's wee clitty is bigger than that!

    Come to think of it, Carly's clitty is bigger than my tadge.


  20. Sting's four bloody hours of tantric sex with the wife could be dubbed as 'The Plight of the In-Truder'
    ..which was written by Stephen Coonts..hee hee hee.

    I call that last picture of his Desert Nose or Yogi Bare!

  21. TICKERS: I’m tempted to Photoshop a fruit basket on top of his head.

    MAIDY: Maybe nekkid Nick will induce labour. Oh wait. It’s “labor” where you are. Lazy American spellers.

    STEVE: Clitty Clitty Bang Bang!

    HE: Or Desert Hose.

  22. Do I have ta tell yas all it doesn't matter what size it is when its soft? ach children, but yeh it is small hehe .

  23. It does explain his high notes though.

  24. KNUDSEN: I'm sure that's the full extent of his stiffy.

    And was that an F6 note he just hit?