Monday, May 07, 2007

Coming Soon…The Freakin’ Green Elf Shorts

MJ preps The Freakin’ Green Elf Shorts by imagining that one of you bitches is inside them

Don’t waste your breath coming up with a clever caption as this is just the lead-up to ‘The Freakin’ Green Elf Shorts Caption Competition.’

That's the day when you’ll have a chance to win the much coveted Freakin’ Green Elf Shorts.

Coming Soon…

The Definitive History of The Freakin’ Green Elf Shorts’ followed by 'The Freakin’ Green Elf Shorts Caption Competition.’

How badly do you want The Shorts?


  1. I'm sorry...

    When I see those shorts anywhere it makes me want to make a caption,no matter how bad it is.

    I can't resist,you tease.

    "MJ grabbed the first handy thing to mop up her leaking batter"

    Dirty Bitch

  2. I thought you'd have higher heels than those. Did you borrow them from Tickers or are they your own tranny shoes?

  3. Connie, those are MJ's "cum fuck me" pumps from 1890. She bought them new, you know.

    And they are STILL stylish.


  4. TONY: Beg for it.

    SID: As my numero uno slave, YOU should be down there mopping up my batter.

    Lick my shoes clean while you’re at it.

    CONNIE: Those are my trainer heels…like trainer wheels for bicycles.

    I didn’t want to over-stimulate you with the freakin' high high heels.

    MAIDY: Remind me why I missed you?

  5. MJ's back! I missed the Infomaniac. Good to see ya again girl!

  6. Those shorts will be mine...oh yes!

  7. CHELLY: Now you get yer arse in gear and get back too, little lady.

    PRU: No! The Shorts must not go to the Seventh Level of Blargh!

  8. god those shoes are ADORABLE.
    i can only imagine the innumerable tracheae which have been crushed beneath their cruel and unyielding soles. mmmmmmmmm.
    do you have the matching truncheon?

    i'm said something about shorts?

  9. You missed my rapier-like humor and charming personality.

  10. It is destiny that the shorts will be mine. I will have them.

  11. I wouldn't like to wear those shorts on a windy day - the world doesn't need to see my twat.

  12. FN: Never mind the tracheae. Think of the bollix!

    MAIDY: Oh here we go.
    *rolls eyes*

    EDDIE: Dream on, sucka.

    JJ: I’m thinking of posting a pic of my twat just to make the poofs vomit.

  13. Hooker shoes. Without doubt.

    As for those nasty tights...

  14. MAIDY: *laffs last*

    M&J aka PIGGY: You're jealous because your misshapen trotters won't fit into my shoes.

    And stop messing about with my initials.

  15. I could hae done with them trawler net tights today on my trip to the sea.

  16. SID: Without the use of your "V" key, you sound like a Scot.

    Aye, but with them tights ye might hae caught crabs, laddie.

  17. MJ said Dream on, sucka.

    Dream on I will for the more I dream, the closer to reality I get.

    When I do win, can I also have the tights as a bonus prize?'t need to worry about washing them. I will take care of that.

  18. EDDIE: Bid for the tights on eBay like the rest of the bitches, pervert.

  19. WTF? mj and m&j you guys are going to make me start drinking again.Glad your back cunt.

  20. GEO: Drinking? I've started without you. See the next posting.