Friday, May 11, 2007

Filthy Friday

We’re all doomed!

A virus contracted through oral sex is the cause of some throat cancers, say US scientists.

Tell it to this dirty dogging Dorset couple…


  1. Do I have to say "yay I'm first?" well fuck off I'm not going to.

    I swore I harpooned that bitch in the North Atlantic in 1874.

  2. Yay! I'm second!

    That has to be the nastiest picture I have EVER seen on this blog. And you've had some real humdingers.


    Something like that would make me swear off women forever.

  3. How do you spell carcinoma? It's on the tip of my tongue.
    Throat cancer? I'll give you lung or stomach cancer, me.

  4. i love how the couple in the middle pic kept their socks on...

  5. I've just had a lovely smoked salmon and cream cheese bagel and now this.

    I am gobsmacked.

  6. Any particular Dorset couple that you're referring to?

    Carly has been wandering around all day muttering 'Fucking Bitch' every so often!

    I wonder why.

  7. KNUDSEN: When I think of you I think of seamen.

    MAIDY: Piggy, oh excuse me… JOHN sent that pic to me. Blame him.

    VICUS: Why Vicus!!!

    JJ: No central heating back in those days.

    GEOFF: That salmon may be tainted with PCBs. I’d be more careful what you put in your mouth.

    STEVE: Oh shit. I thought you two were on vacation.

  8. If that's the level of attactiveness of the people who dog, no wonder it's such a popular activity!

    Yummers, as Billy would say.

  9. cnacer at the very least...!
    bad enough they're not under a rock where they belong...who stands there with a camera watching Ahab go down on Moby Dickless? do you suppose the paint came away when she finally breached?

    this marks new heights for Infomaniac. you have outdone yourself, madame. I see your time in Oregon was not wasted.

  10. Oh! Blame me why don't you?

    Don't listen to a word she says, Smunty.

  11. BETTY: Case in point…Steve McFadden.

    FN: “Who stands there with a camera?”

    Apparently it’s a popular pastime in the UK. You know what a bunch of pervs they are over the pond.

    M and J: Oh how you tittered when you sent me the attachment that said “Steve and Carly dogging.”

    Smunty Boy, M and J paid me off handsomely to post that pic.

  12. Just because M and J sent you the photo didn't mean you had to post it to sicken the rest of us.

    *vomits again*

    I just realize NOW what's doin' in that first photo/sketch. Damn but I'm gettin' slower.

  13. i love the way the car licence plate has been blanked-out!They do have some modesty!!!

  14. Wonder what tune the piano lady is playing??

    OOOh Danube?

    Flight of the Fumble Bee?

    Just asking.

    The lady in the last photo has the right to a sexlife you know people -not everyone is as physically perfect as me...OK technically she is hideous - but who are we to judge?

  15. OMG the last picture just actually made me puke.

  16. Do I detect a carrot in her hand??

    Lucky bitch.

  17. And no prizes for guessing what he used to blank out the car registration!

  18. O.K, SID has me wondering. Exactly what IS in her right hand in that photo?

  19. This is sick. I can't imagine the smell let alone the sweat!!

  20. MAIDY: I believe the woman in the first pic is hitting a high note.

    TONY: See SID’s comment.

    MUTLEY: She’s singing Monty Pythons’ “Sit On My Face.”

    Sit on my face and tell me that you love me
    I'll sit on your face and tell you I love you too
    I love to hear you oralize
    When I'm between your thighs
    You blow me away.

    CHASE: I always forget what a delicate hothouse flower you are.

    Please exercise caution visiting Infomaniac.

    SID: I KNEW you’d be the first to identify the carrot.

    What with your predilection for shoving veg where the sun don’t shine.

    Was the doctor able to remove that rotted carrot?

    MAIDY: It is indeed a carrot.

    It's SID’s preferred method of pleasuring himself.

    The filthy bastard.

    MYTOES: You’ll learn the hard way to avert your eyes on Filthy Fridays.

  21. Although we are away from home ,MJ, we are still in country and still have access to the interweb!

    'Martin and John told me to do it' - is that the best excuse you can come up with? I'll say the same to you as I say to my pre-pubescent retard children when they do something very stooopid and use that excuse;

    'If Martin & John told you to stick your head in a gas oven, does that mean you have to do it?'

    You silly girl.

  22. Piggy sent that pic did he?

    Cos he took it when they visited.

  23. * Vows never, EVER to go to Dorset *

  24. It's saturday now, you slow cunt.

    New post!

    We demand a new post!

    *starts planning the defacing of the Smunts blog while they're away*

  25. I can still see that last pic even when I switch off.
    One of the things that is so disturbing (apart from the obvious) is that the bloke has all his clothes on.
    I bet he's wearing a bloody tie as well.

  26. STEVE: M and J send me sweets and pork scratchings in return for my servitude.

    CONNIE: You should see the pics I can’t show.

    IVF: Where do you do your dogging then, if not Dorset?

    M and J: This is the first nice stretch of weather since October. I’m outta here.

    KAZ: We should be thankful he stayed fully clothed.

  27. IVF does his dogging around the back of the dogs home, obviously.

    He's not fussy, that one. Any old alsation will do.

  28. I so did not need to see that picture..... Ugh.

  29. M and J: I should think IVF gets a lot of rejections from the hounds. Even though he IS a bitch.

    PAMELA: A future caution that Filthy Friday is not fit for proper ladies.

  30. YIKES Is she getting hoodwinked?
    Gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "Diagnostic probe"
    I take it there aren't many Drive-Thrus in Dorset.
    I seen enough for one day, I have to go now 'lickety-split'!

  31. PISSOFF: A little Dermablend should cover those scars.

    HE: I believe they’ve found their own version of “paradise by the dashboard light.”