Monday, May 21, 2007

Blogging Roundup

A peek at ‘the week that was’ with a spoonful of Infomaniac’s readers.

Well, hosers, I’ve been pressed for time this week so you’ll have to make do with this “Reader’s Digest Condensed” version of the Blogging Roundup. I’ll get ‘round to the rest of you when I can.

Before we get started, I’d just like to say, eh, that’s it’s the May Two Four weekend (aka Victoria Day) here in The Great White North and I have the day off. Beauty, eh?

Where’s your beers, you knobs?

Are you ready for the Blogging Roundup? Let’s begin with Yorkshire’s favourite poofs…

Caution: NSFW photos ahead. And not just the pic of Martin and John.


The bloggers formerly known as Tazzy and Piggy. Martin, your bra strap is showing!

If you’re wondering where regulars Tazzy and Piggy have gone, they’re now in the Witness Protection Programme and have assumed new identities as “Martin and John.”

You’ll notice them in the comments as “M and J” … a little too close to “MJ” don’t you think? Although, to be fair, they’ve changed it from “M&J” which was even more confusing.

If you haven’t already updated your blogroll, here’s their new URL

Shockingly, with their new identities, they’ve even become a little more polite. The cunts.


SID ran a contest, asking us to submit a badly drawn pic of ourselves with our dying last words.

And guess who won the contest? Me! MJ!!!

Here’s my winning entry.

Ta, SID. Hey, wait a minute. What have I won, SID? The booby prize?


SID's the lucky wiener of IVF’s “Emergency Wedding” quiz.


Kaz confesses, “This week I slept with my ex husband.”


Welcum to Knudsenville.


For such a big poof, Frobi seems to be obsessed with vag, don’t you agree?


Betty reports on the pob: the hairstyle that’s sweeping the nation.

"It looks as though a little hobgoblin gardener with a little hobgoblin gardener's lawnmower has run amuck in their hair overnight while they were sleeping."

And Kaz admits to having been talked into a pob by a poncy hairdresser.

Has anyone else here sported a pob? (Probably IVF.)


There’s a new barmaid at Mutley’s local.

Is that zippered area a tip jar?


The Smunts have got themselves into a spot of bother on what was supposed to be a lovely family holiday in Cyprus.

Carly was detained by Cypriot Immigration for smuggling sausages into the country.

Says Steve, “I don’t know what got into her head, but she told the magistrate that she had a medical condition that required her to eat high fat content foods and that there was nothing suitable to be found on the island of Cyprus.”

Pray for their salvation.


Eddie, a British ex-pat in Los Angeles, misses “his people,” i.e. “Brits, Northerners, normal folk.”

Brits are normal folk?


And finally…


Infomaniac welcomes MYTOES!

MYTOES is an American guy with a blog called I Paint My Toes and another blog called Cancer Survivor.

His words say it best…

Why would a guy like me paint my toenails? I have been married for 26 years to a great lady. In 2004 she developed breast cancer. She went through a lot of treatment like chemo and radiation. She is now doing fine but cancer is a scarey word. It doesn't mean a death sentence but it's always on her mind. Where will it attack next! I remained positive and together we fought this demon. I love to see her smile and laugh. She had beautiful long hair and she knew it was a matter of time before it all fell out. At first when it came out she cut it real short. Then I buzzed the rest so she would not face hair on the pillow. I did not buzz my hair to be in bald support but I wanted to make her smile . I painted my toes pink, the color for breast cancer survivors. I took a picture and put it as her background on her computer. When she saw that she laughed out loud. I continued to support her with all colors, mostly pink. This also reminded me of what she was going through having people look at her shaved head. I wore the toe color in public and got various reactions. I still paint my toes as a reminder and to tell the story.


To give MYTOES a proper welcome here on Infomaniac, I want all you male bitches to paint your toenails and email the pics to me. I’ll post the photos of your pretty piggies.

Go on. You bared your arses. Now bare your tootsies.

Okay, that’s the end of this week’s Blogging Roundup. Now take off, eh?


  1. Yay! First!

    And has MyToes informed you whether or not he actually ENJOYS painting his toenails?

    I bet he does, the fucking poof.

  2. I know that you strive to maintain high standards here, so I think that I should point out that, unless I've missed my guess, Martin and John are homosexual.

  3. If you are gonna show two guys making out can you make them better looking

  4. Cheeky cunt.

    What that Reg Dwight needs is a nice big cock up his arse.

    Not ours though.

    Next doors Rottweiler will suffice.

  5. M and J: MYTOES isn’t poofy but he enjoys painting his toes tremendously.

    VICUS: The bit about “Yorkshire’s favourite poofs” that preceded the pic was a gentle hint.

    REG: That’s rich coming from an ugly old queen like you.

    M and J: I bet Reg would like IVF’s warty cock up his arse, don’t you?

  6. less talk, more pix you bitches!
    *all a-shiver over the kissie lickies*

  7. fn - They were kissie suckies, actually.

    mj - Reg has, no doubt, had plenty up his arse. It's quite obvious by the tone of his message.

    An arse-bandit, if ever there was one.

  8. Right, just for the 'warty cock' comment, I'm not painting my toenails.

    Nyah nyah!

    Heh heh! WV is blarf - the sound I made when I saw the pics of Frobi's beards and M and J!

  9. WHAT??? They're poofs???

    I want to know why they picked on next doors rottweiler.

    And how do they know it has a nice big cock?

  10. Jesus Christ, and I thought that asylum I spent a month in was bad.

    Tell me, when is medication switching night?

  11. I am scaredof painted toenails Ms MJ....and you are the first person I ever told..

  12. FN: You know perfectly well what kissie lickies can lead to.

    M and J: Reg probably has a “Ream and Scream” dildo.

    Firm yet pliable.

    IVF: Nobody wants to see your ugly talons anyway.

    SID: Oh Mr. Innocent.

    Half a shandy and you’re bent over arse-end-up.


    DARIO: Welcome to Infomaniac!

    There’s a jar full of happy pills by the entrance. Help yourself.

    Now bend over and take it like the rest of these bitches.

    MUTLEY: Face your fears.

    We can arrange private pedicure sessions for you.

  13. Come on boys, if you can have two bearded guys in a tongue lock and cunts with eyes we can see some painted toes. Second challenge is to take a picture of them out in public!! Who's man enough? It's for cancer awareness. And I do enjoy wearing them, not painting them as much. It takes a lot of work but I have been taking care of them more!Thanks for making me the cunt of the week.

  14. Is That M&J the same person? is it two twins kissing or something? ach those gheys all look alike to me, then again so do sheep.

  15. Don't talk to me about gay sheep. Bane of the valleys they are.

  16. MYTOES: No one’s taken up The Challenge yet.

    Buncha cowards.

    KNUDSEN: One’s a clone of the other I believe.

    As ghey as ghey can be, those two.

    TICKERS: I’m sure they’re good for the Welsh tourism industry though.

  17. I knew the Brits couldn't take the painted toes challenge. Face piercing and guy kissing but a little paint freaks them out! Ha-Ha

  18. MYTOES: We might have to offer a prize next time as incentive.