Tuesday, May 15, 2007

A Pox on Crocs! – Part Two

You’ll recall that last month I posted an item about my disdain for Crocs shoes.

Cathie Walker informs me that Crocs has added insult to injury with “Crocs Kneepads.”

Says Cathie, “So they sell people the footwear, then they sell kneepads so that their customers can have comfy knees while they blow people who wear normal shoes.”

[Thanks, Cathie]


  1. Do they come in leather or lace?

  2. Thankfully not, Spikey.

    Those green ones match the colour of MJ's fanny batter though.

  3. Crocs fuckers are cock suckers?

    I might have known.

  4. Hmmmmm ....

    Do they come in different colors?

  5. Holy chowder!

    I just went to the Croc website.

    Not only do the have kneepads, they have sunglasses, BASEBALL HATS, and kneelers.

    There are also scads of different Croc shoe models.

    I think I might need to open a creditline there.

  6. SPIKEY: Please conduct your fetish research on your own time.

    M and J: My batter's green because it’s radioactive. Avoid inhaling.

    GEOFF: I’m a Crocs Shucker. Right out the window and into the bin.

    MAIDY: Despite their durability, I’m sure you’ll go through several pair of kneepads. Stock up now.

    GoBETTY: Crocs should stay out of the condom market. They’d be full of holes!

  7. "for extra support this ultra light weight, fully adjustable turbo strap™ provides an even more exceptional fit when added to any existing crocs™ model"

  8. SPIKEY: I'm assuming you attach the turbo strap to the kneepads.

    Afterall, a proper blow job requires a turbo strap to survive the hurricane force of the powerful suction.

  9. Have you got them in size 10?

  10. I have just started a new job so posting will be even more erratic as everything is blocked on the internet.

    I am currently busy hunting down a decent laptop for a reasonable price which should resolve the problem.

  11. I think kneelers are a Fab Idea.I am tiling the bathroom floor this week & my knees are wrecked-to-buggery.I could use a pair!

    Plus! Catholics do a lot of bobbing up&down on the knees.i bet the Pope has a pair under his frock?

  12. SPIKEY: Really? You’ve never had hurricane-force head?

    TICKERS: Oh brag about your size, why don’t you.

    CONNIE: Erratic posting from you?

    I’m sure I speak for all of us when I say I’m devastated.

    TONY: Oh you filthy Catholics probably have the market cornered on kneepads.

  13. I was disappointed when I clicked on Crocs Butter.

    Never mind the the knee pads your just waiting for the elbow pads.

    Hmmm durable?

  14. are the ugly kneepads filled with antimicrobial magic too so that those who suffer from stinky knees can finally have the protection they deserve? what about the sunglasses? people with smelly eyes need ugly antibacterial sunglasses, right?

  15. SID: Were you expecting lube?

    A bucket of IVF’s Boy Butter, perhaps?

    FN: Nothing stinks like a putrid patella.

  16. Too late - My Boy Butter is all gone.

  17. IVF: I’m not surprised at the speed at which an entire industrial-sized tub of Boy Butter disappeared down your mansnatch.

  18. I blame the alsatian for that.

  19. Never given it was I was saying!

  20. I hate crocs...I think it is all a plot to take over the world.

    Such rubbery goodness, I am sure, M&J appreciate them.

  21. And tick...iffin I evah catch you wearing a pair...I will have no choice but to revoke your 'sexy card'.

  22. SPIKEY: Well it's never to late to learn.

    AWA: Yay! Awa's here!

    M and J think Crocs are hideous... had you read the comments in "A Pox on Crocs" Part One. Good to have you back but I see you still don't pay attention.