Sunday, May 13, 2007

The Book Inscriptions Project

Have you ever given someone a book as a present but first you scribbled a personal note inside?

It could end up on The Book Inscriptions Project.

“To Charlie
My friend—
in or out of uniform

A 1946 copy of Coral Comes High by George P. Hunt.

Found at the Arlington, VA Library sale. October 2005.

The Book Inscriptions Project is trying to collect as many book inscriptions as possible from all around the world so they can put up a new one every day on their website.

All you have to do is scan any inscriptions you’ve found over the years, send a pic of the book cover, and describe the details of how, when and where you found the book. The Project will post the best ones.

Remember a posting I did entitled “Yorkshire Speak” where I mentioned that everyone’s favourite Yorkshire poofs sent me a Yorkshire-English dictionary?

I am so tempted to send the inscription to The Book Inscriptions Project.

If only that dictionary were a “found” book as it looks to me like they’re just looking for books you’ve found by chance.

I found it in my mailbox. Does that count?

“A cheap and tacky gift to Canuck Cunt from the Yorkshire Cunts.



  1. Haha!

    Do it! Send it in!

    Yay! First!


  2. Gosh! For a minute there, I thought there weren't going to be any swears or other rudeness.

    Then I got to the bottom of the post.

    Thank goodness for M & J!

  3. i am always leaving stuff inside books Condoms(used&unused):Teabags (used&unused);Joints (unused).Nail Clippings (detached);Bob Dylan CDs (used);cotton buds for getting wax out of of my ears while Im in bed reading: etc etc
    I often return them to the library without checking inside first.
    I wonder what the most unusual thing anybody has ever found inside a book
    (I once found Moby Dick inside one, but thats another story...................)

  4. I do try to keep up - but, you know this m and j thing. Is it still OK to call them Piggy and Tazzy?
    I can see what they call themselves from your inscription, but I feel I don't know them well enough yet.

  5. M and J: Will do. And will let you know the outcome.

    IVF: Our motto here is "Infomaniac: Come for the information. Stay for the filth."

    TONY: Further proof, as if we needed any, as to why you’re known as Dirty Tony.

    You’re ahead of me with the “stuff found in library books” as I’m saving that for a future posting.

    And I don’t care to know whose dick you found where. Thanks anyway.

    KAZ: Tazzy and Piggy are now under the Witness Protection Programme and must be called “Martin and John” or “M and J” as you’ve seen in the comments.

    They are aware that the “M and J” bit annoys me and therefore will continue to use it.

    Best if you call them Cunts.

  6. An excellent idea!

    Now how about a collection of books with the pages stuck together?

    I'm sure you have a few?

  7. Dearest Kaz,

    The cunt's formerly known as 'Tazzy and Piggy' are currently enjoying a spot of respite care, glugging bottles of Bolly and slurping the finest oysters in the Bahamas.

    They will return at some point, but for the moment 'M and J' are in control.

    You may refer to us as anything you wish - so long as it's 'M and J' or 'Martin and John'.

    Yours faithfully,
    Martin and John.

  8. SID: Are you referring to my copy of “Cleaning & Stain Removal for Dummies?”

    I need to consult it to remove the stains you left in The Shorts.

    M and J: First of all, there’s no apostrophe in cunts.

    Oysters? Why don’t you try bearded clams for a change?

  9. Excuse me, but if I want to put an apostrophe in cunt's, I shall.

    Pedantic cunt.

    Bearded clams? Don't be so fucking vile.

  10. M and J: Okay, I'll ignore the apostrophe but your grammar just gets worser and worser.

    Care for some tuna casserole?

  11. Dearest m and j

    Thanks for putting me *straight*.
    It'll take some getting used to especially 'Martin' from Barnsley??

    Still - at least it's not Mungo and Peregrine.

  12. Mungo and Peregrine isn't sooooo bad.

    If it was Tarquin and Colbert, I'd be slightly more concerned.

    Tuna casserole? Sounds yummy. Not.