Monday, November 16, 2020

Another Year, Another Garden Event

We've come to the END of another Annual Garden Photos Event...

We wish to thank Mr. DeVice for hosting the 10th Annual Garden Photos Event. His creativity and passion for horticulture made the event a success. Click here to see Mr. DeVice's garden, and follow the links in that post for any submissions you missed from other Infomaniac Bitches.

You did a splendid job, Mr. DeVice!

The Mistress will no longer be hosting this event so please step forward if you would like to take over for the 11th Annual Garden Photos Event, next year.


  1. "You can lead a whore to culture, but you can't make her think." [Dorothy Parker, When asked to use the word "horticulture" correctly in a sentence]


  2. Thank you, Very Mistress! As ever, it was the amazing variety of Blogorati gardens that really made the Garden Photos Event such a success. I was just inspired by them to be the Hostess with the Compost!*

    * It doesn't really work, does it. Still, I don't care - the event is over now, so I no longer need to make the effort...

  3. Replies
    1. Or would that be a munching mower?

    2. Regardless of whether it's mulch or MUNCH, it looks like they're ready for LUNCH.

    3. Norma dear,

      To munch on such lovelies,
      male delicacies aligned,
      is to taste life's perfection,
      with technique well refined.

      For the younger set,
      with taught lips at rest,
      needs an awakened yearn,
      fueling each soft nest.

      The deed and the need,
      inexplicably entwined.
      The new favorite thing-
      please zest my rind!

      Once decidedly in play,
      they seek without filter.
      No amount of fine dining,
      can throw them off kilter.

      Munch, mulch, or marvel,
      the taste is sublime,
      Gratitude abounds,
      when soft scented, no grime.

  4. What a great presentation!
    Mr Devine's presentation was pretty good too. Kudos to him.

  5. Some people really overdo their search for the perfect tan.

  6. I hope you are safely locked up.

  7. Oh there you are up to your wellies in filth ;)

  8. Oh there you are up to your wellies in filth ;)

  9. Oh there you are up to your wellies in filth ;)

  10. Triplicate Beast!

    *sprays Febreze liberally, and then some*

  11. I have two paper white narcissis to plant. Anyone have a dibble? Or something that could be used as a dibble?

  12. I feel so old! As in, I wish I could get my legs in that position again! xoxo