Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Upcoming Garden Photos Event

 Bitches, start trimming your bushes! 

Mr. DeVice is hosting the 10th Anniversary Garden Photos Event staring on October 31st. Deadline for your garden photos is October 28th. Click here for more information.

Thanks ever so much to Mr. DeVice for hosting this year's event.


  1. I heard that northern California, the scorched part, is being renamed The Donald Trump National Garden.

    1. Norma dear,

      The charred remains,
      like your nettled loins,
      hold the stench of ruin,
      kindred to unwashed groins.

      Military bases go named,
      not always thought out,
      by traitors best shamed -
      a live butt plug trout.

      But to give him a place,
      a nameplate of sort,
      derides the human race,
      of one worthy to abort.

      Now to name it after ye,
      oh, Norma in embers.
      Your 120's singed pubes,
      the fleet fondly remembers.

      So take center stage,
      our troglodyte of sin,
      Scrawl your John Hancock,
      Both about and within.

    2. I come to see Mj, but stay for the poetry.

  2. This photo begs the question - why the gloves..? Jx

  3. Norma looks a little down in this picture.

  4. I hope she is wearing sunscreen.
    Apologies for my lateness, I am bushwhacked.

  5. And thank you, Very Mistress, for allowing me to be the first to take on the Garden Photos Event hosting duties.

    I'm looking forward to seeing what penetrates my in-box, but I must draw the line at unruly bushes!

  6. Just greeeeeat. The season ends here, and you stage an event. I coulda knocked alla youse flat this last July, but nooooooooo. *sweeps off in a cloud of black taffeta and radioactivity*

  7. I may be a bit late, but Happy Thanksgiving etc. Is there an official thanksgiving greeting formula - like "tüdelüh" or something ?

    1. "Happy Thanksgiving" is good. Danke! I miss LX and his special Thanksgiving cranberry sauce.

    2. The sauce remains the same.