Sunday, June 14, 2020

Here Comes Summer

The Mistress is making the most of the longer, hotter days and will catch up with you Bitches later.

Note: If you're wondering what happened to the previous post, I removed it because of an image of someone sleeping in their car. Considering what happened in Atlanta the day after I posted it, (the victim was sleeping in his car), I decided to delete that post because of the image of someone sleeping in their car.

Even though that post had nothing to do with that terrible incident, I considered it in bad taste to leave the post up.


  1. Nice of you to delete last post, but anyone who ever ventured here would never think there was anything behind a post of yours other than humor.

    Hope there's anti-freeze in that pitcher.

    1. Anti-freeze? The Mistress doesn't worry about frigidity.

  2. Surely that bit's hot all year round? Jx

  3. Does this mean my last "Norma Rant" goes lost?

    1. Shall we clutch our pearls in unison?

    2. Here is Testosterone’s previous ode.

      I believe he mentioned CAKE:

      Norma dear,

      Cakes well cleansed,
      eat so much better,
      no hairs in the batter,
      or hint of cheddar.

      You scoff at a bump,
      a curvature replete,
      as your own body splinters,
      now a weathered bleacher seat.

      The Mistress be good,
      marvelous some say,
      your pointing to her belly,
      is just de classe'.

      For our Mistress is a histress,
      to respectful gents she knows,
      your an open secret,
      with undone laces, lips, and bows.

      Now the mirror of me,
      comes a-callin' on you,
      lift your scaly folds,
      give onlookers a view.

      For your shape is altered,
      warped, I'm quick to rasp,
      infinite miles in the saddle,
      beyond what humanity can grasp.

      You've fucked so much more,
      than any law would allow,
      your damages are prolapses,
      falling faster than the Dow.

      So quiet the call,
      lots o' cake aside,
      The Mistress moist and eaten,
      you're gulch is now freeze dried.

  4. Replies
    1. I'm coming over RIGHT NOW to see what you've been up to.

  5. Water in the coochie? Hell, I just wear long skirts and go commando! xoxo

    1. Skirts are fine ... until hurricane season!

  6. I hope she is wearing Always Discreet, turns liquid (they mean piss) into a gel.

    1. I must have been absent for the "liquid to gel" experiment in my chemistry class.

    2. I'm reminded of that Victoria Wood sketch in which Celia Imrie as a discerning customer states "I want a pad that stays dry no matter how much blue ink I pour over it!"
      I can't find a clip of it, so you'll just have to remember or imagine it.

    3. I don't recall that bit in Celia Imrie's memoir but now that I've heard about it, I can't unsee it!

  7. Just reminded me to give my garden a tidy up.

  8. I always knew that You are a hottie !

    1. Speaking of hot, I once said, "Ich bin heiss" instead of "Mir ist heiss."

      I'll never make that mistake again.

    2. If you had said "Ich bin warm", apparently you'd be saying "I'm gay"... Jx

    3. A fanny moment ... "False friends", words & formulations with totally different meanings East and West of the Atlantic, and of course Denglish traps ala "When do I become my burger ?" - "Hopefully never."

      "Warmer Bruder" as slightly derogatory description for a gay male is nowadays a bit outdated - at least I did not hesar it in ages Jon. Maybe a generational thing.