Thursday, January 09, 2020

Did I Win Yet?

I didn't. But congratulations to Miss Scarlet!

Check out all the answers to Mr. DeVice's quiz, here


  1. I WON!!!!!!!! Let me take this opportunity to thank my hairdresser; my cleaner; my plumber; and the sheep in the field next door for making this possible - and of course, Jon, who reminded me to make an acceptance speech.
    I am expecting my tin-foil award in the post sometime soon.

    1. Your plumber? Would that still be Harold, the crimplene blousoned flamenco dancer??

  2. Norma, T'was at Mitten Drinnen, and could not respond under my name. In December you wondered if I had anything to say about your "pearl".

    I respond:

    Didn't see this until early February, but since ya asked Norma dear...

    Norma, oh Norma,
    your gem is dust,
    an exhausted mine,
    pummeled with lust.

    Your pearl of sorts,
    used to glisten,
    told tales of your tales,
    old queens did listen.

    So now you've a nub,
    ensconced in the droop,
    for sex scented globs,
    use a cat litter scoop.

    Your gem is gone,
    along with your fluids,
    your luv hub now houses,
    scofflaws and Druids.

    Pop beads and hominy,
    just gently insert,
    indiscriminate munchers,
    will move into your yurt.