Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Revisiting Huggy Jon's Garden

Have you Bitches noticed an empty seat in the house?...

That's because our friend, Huggy Jon (aka Deep Blue) of Montréal, Québec has been absent due to a serious illness.

In tribute to Huggy Jon, we here at Infomaniac revisit his floral offerings to 2013's Annual Infomaniac Garden Photos Event.

"Voici notre petit jardin de balcon."
(Here is our little balcony garden.)

"Way on the top of the first photo you can see a few cosmos; then the big yellow ones are some kind of coreopsis but I'm not sure exactly; then the petunias (light purple) and the big red one is a Pelargonium. I don't know what are the small yellow ones among the petunias."...

"Here you have some calibrachoa (red), verbena (blue) and tagetes (yellow)"...

"On the back balcony, voici des chrysanthemum, pelargoniums et verbena pour cacher la poubelle" (to hide the garbage can)....

Huggy Jon has posted his final message in the comments section of his blog.

Nous t'aimons, Jon.


  1. I hope he can score his own fleur-de-lis hat.
    Wouldn't it grant him entre into the best rooms?

    1. Huggy Jon actually sent that fleur-de-lis hat photo to me, ages ago.

  2. I know I have missed Jon and my well wishes are always with the dear. And these flowers are marvelous, for I have never seen there before in the flower show. Flowers and such color always help to mend a soul. I think champagne is in order for the fine spread. Now excuse me, as I go change for the next entry and apply some mascara.........

  3. Oh, poor Jon. Best wishes. Sometimes that's all you can offer. Best wishes.

  4. I don't know Jon, but anyone who has to spend time in hospital deserves bucketloads of wishes.

  5. According to the Language of Flowers, scarlet geraniums are for "Consolation". How apt in such sad circumstances. Jx

  6. Ich kann mit Worten nicht ausdrücken, als für wie gemein ich empfinde, was das Schicksal ihm aufbürdet.

  7. Peace and best wishes to Huggy Jon.


    Ew. Can I smell a foetid duvet?? Or is it chickpea curry?

    Gah! The BEAST is back!!

    1. *sends Houseboys out to stock up on Febreze*

      Trust Beast to foul a solemn moment.

  8. Thank you for bringing more color and charm to our blogging neighborhood, Jon. You've made us smile and laugh. I wish you much strength, serenity, and joy. May your days be full of beauty and comfort and laughter.

  9. It had been a long time since I'd visited Huggy Jon's blog and thought his absence was due to being busy, not illness.

    Today, I was walking down the halls of a medical centre and the piped-in music they were playing was "Free Fallin" by Tom Petty.

    I started to cry, being suddenly overwhelmed by the reality of Jon's illness and by the loss of a musician I liked, Tom Petty.

    I ran into the washroom only to find that the music was even louder in there.

    It goes to show that you can run but you can't hide from your emotions.

  10. ...

    btw did someone realise that slave Damien left Blogland ? Hope Wonderbear just lost interest.

    1. As you know, I've been too busy to keep up with everyone's blogs so I didn't know that Damien had disappeared.

      It says, "Blog has been removed."

      The last time he left a comment on my blog was September 3rd.

      Does anyone know where he's gone or why he's deleted his blog?