Thursday, December 02, 2010

The Infomaniac Welcome Wagon


The Infomaniac Welcome Wagon has pulled up to the curb to welcome three new Infomaniac bitches: Retro Roxy, Designing Wally and Manda (Moonblossom).




Welcome to Infomaniac, Bitches!

The rest of you…make them feel at home!


  1. It is traditional for newbies to ask Mistress MJ for a cake.

  2. Oh hai XL.

    No. No. Don't listen to him. Don't mention *drops voice to a whisper* cake.

    Welcome bitches. Make yourself comfortable...who's on bar tonight?

    After the day I've had, I need something warm and intoxicating. A drink would be good too.

  3. A most heartfelt thank you for the warm welcome! I shall do my very best to live up to the Infomaniac Mission Statement.

    I should mention that as the North American coordinator for Vagi-Clean® In-Home Feminine Hygiene Parties, I’ll be happy to provide any information or assistance along those lines that I can.

    And a final thank you to Mistress MJ for the use of the Welcome Wagon last night (and into the early hours of this morning). My sincere apologies for the stains on the carpet – most of it should shampoo right out.

  4. You all are going to n-joy the Infomaniac Welcome Van-tasia. Luxurious seating for ten, upholstered in stain resistent vinyls that clean up with the wipe of a damp towel. May we also invite you to try out Mistresses totally bitchin' 8-track sound system with sensula-sound. Oh, yeah!

    Just remember, if you see this Van-tasia a 'rocking, just come on in, don't botha a knockin - Mistress make room for all comers.

  5. Hello Newbies , dont worry you will get used to the smell and saggy nekkid old men.....eventually

  6. ****Offers Newbies a warming welcome bowl of Ma Beasties chickpea curry and kipper suprise appetizers****

  7. Ah, the van ... a bargain, when Johnny Roselli finally got lost it went from hand to hand for a while. Cookie did not mention the rocking chairs - an unsung extra!
    Impressive gazongas, Roxy, do they match FirstNation's? Cool glasses, Wally, you're in the music business? Hello Mandablossom, where's your nose? Just asking.

  8. Say Mr. Beast, you were near Mono Lake in the last couple of days?

  9. i guess this means i'll have to bathe twice a month now...
    la publicite'

  10. Don't spoil this olfactoric animal attraction!

  11. Welcome y'all!

    How come I was never offered the welcome wagon? I'm deeply saddened by this (because I'd have taken the kool tv home with me. Even though I hate orange)

  12. Did someone mention cake?

    The Infomaniac Welcome Wagon is a NEW feature here on Infomaniac which explains why you’ve never seen it parked here on the curb before.

    Are you all making yourselves at home so far? (except CyberPete).

  13. Hello newb chickens!!

    Think of Infomaniac as a mixture of Boogie Nights and Kirk Johnsons' private photo album, wearing Jimmy Choo spectator pumps.


  14. *Burb*
    Sorry. Curry is good for you.

    Drink anything FN offers you. Eschpecially the psylocybin tahaa ...

  15. remember what groucho said.."I don't care to belong to a club that accepts people like me as members. "

    of course, it doesn't appear as if any of these plebes have members.

  16. Welcome Bitches!
    you are all on the list now....

  17. Where's filthy Friday? You are SO late MJ

  18. Welcome from Mr Infomaniac 2009 and current # 1 house slave.

    Please make yourself comfortable whilst I rush over to place a single chaste kiss on each of Mistress' feet as is proper.

  19. Hello New people... or should that be nude people....?

  20. ..... i think i've had enough cake to last me for quite sometime, thank you!
    ... working up the nerve to watch banana cannon ....
    & you can tell how much i love my bananas

  21. Remember that you voluntarily chose to enter the realm of this very naughty little mishiefmaker.

    You'll see things here that are "a terrible sight for a sober man" and may require cranial scrubbing and weeks of intense therapy, but it's all for a good cause. Fun.

    Have a living will by your side in case you die laughing at the hilariously inappropriate content and the ensuing flurry of shocking comments.

  22. Hey, aren't newbies supposed to be making the cocktails! Let it be known that La Diva likes her whiskey in a Manhattan, STIRRED, not shaken. And don't mess with Boxer's vodka or touch her vodka fountain. That'll piss her right off!

    Cheers, queers, and bienvenidos!

  23. Aw! I totally missed this!

    I feel so overwhelmed! I think I might cry!

    Cocktails? I'm in! I'm in with anything that has Cock in it!