Monday, December 13, 2010

Happy Birthday, Geoff!

Geoff has been an Infomaniac Bitch since DAY ONE of Infomaniac…back in March, 2006.

A thunderous round of applause is in order!

CAKE for everyone!

And could you try to look a little more enthusiastic, Geoff?

NOTE: Apologies to Geoff for being so late with the birthday greetings. His birthday is Dec. 13th but by the time he reads this as the sun comes up in England, it will be the day AFTER his birthday.


  1. Let me be the FIRST to wish you a happy Birthday, sugar! xoxoxo

  2. this boy is far too young to be
    hanging out here with degenerates.

  3. Happy birthday. If I were you, I'd file an official complaint with someone because being late with something this important is just not alright.


  4. Happy Birthday Geoff. Hope you're hangover isn't too horrendous, you know who you woke up with and weren't too horrified at the pictures on Facebook.

  5. Happy Birthday!

    Is that the head of your penis?

    If so...Double Happiness on your birthday.

  6. Happy Birthday Geoff!

    Did the frequent use of "Infomaniac" change your life? Are you a better person now?

  7. A day late? ALL the BETTER! Who has awoken up from their birthday and thought "Well I supposed every has forgotten. Not so on Infomaniac. We wanna keep the party going!!!!!

  8. Thank you MJ & everybody. I had a perfectly horrid time yesterday but I will get my own back one day.

  9. Well, the years have been kind to you - you look quite young in your picture!