Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Geoff’s Favourite Post

It’s time for another installment of Your Favourite Post.

Today’s submission comes to us from Geoff in Kent, England.

Those of you outside the UK may want to click on The Good Old Days for an explanation of a reference he makes to that particular BBC Television programme.

To view Geoff’s fave post, CLICK HERE.


  1. Geoff, I'd've said Screw the damn audience, I'm going to take a piss!

    Who the heck is Sheila Steiffel
    *off to google*

  2. P.S. Geoff, were you sleeping in a wool blanket when you had this dream? And if not, where can we get a hold the drugs you're taking?

  3. EROS: Googling "Sheila Steiffel" got me a Danny LaRue video...he's a drag artist.

    Do you think that's what Geoff intended?

  4. "The woman on my left smells strongly of gin.." It could have been worse, it could have been piss, and her moustache could have been sticking in his eye.

  5. I remeber Sheila Steiffel.she doesnt look remotely like Danny La Rue

  6. MJ, I had the same problem googling for Sheila Steiffel. Perhaps you're right about Geoff dreaming about the drag queens--their rough mustaches and penchant for gin. Maybe he met one earlier...

    Unless of course his body is telling him to quit which case he should ask Beast about resisting drags and giving up fags...

  7. I'm far too young to remember The Good Old Days, of course, but I do like to smell of gin occasionally.

  8. WTF?! The good the bad and the ugly...oops wrong show! But love the post boxes...would love to get my hand on one of those!

  9. For your delight! For your delectation! The marvelous! The incorporable! Ladies and Gentlemen. Miss Sheila Steiffel!

    Oh, just fuck off and die will you.

  10. Bloody Geoff!
    I've started scratching already.

    mj - You should point out to your readers that braces = suspenders.

  11. Isn't SOMEBODY going to tell us who Sheila Steiffel is?

    *passes out from gin smell emanating from IVD's pores*

  12. She is.... Sheila Steiffel .......dumbass !

    Its no wonder you were banished to the colonies
    ***pulls mong face at MJ ***

  13. It was in fact Sheila Steafel, my dad's favourite comedy actress. She was married for a while to Harry H Corbett otherwise known as Harold Steptoe.

    I see The Good Old Days was once bigger than The Monkees in the UK. It's no surprise to me. Of course its popularity was dwarfed by The Black and White Minstrel Show which was the most popular show of the 60s apart from any show including the young Val Doonican. Val strode like a colossus.

    The total number of comments here now equals the total number of comments I received on the whole of my dream blog. Thank you.

  14. Shut up, Beast.

    Thank you, Geoff.

    I've been tossing and turning all night, unable to sleep not knowing the identity of Sheila STEAFEL (CORRECT SPELLING IN CAPS!!!) If only a certain someone had spelled it correctly in his original dream, I could have found the information I needed and not watched a Danny LaRue video. Google didn't even ask me, "DID YOU MEAN SHEILA STEAFEL?", when I typed in Sheila Steiffel.

    But note that The Monkees got a full-page colour picture.

    *returns to bed, now that I can sleep knowing the identity of Sheila Steafel...correct spelling noted*

  15. This has at least reminded me to order a print of Hogarth's Gin Lane (1750) to hang in the bog. It's fucking brilliant but you fuckers probably already know that.

    Also, why does Bombay Sapphire Gin that's exported to the americas end up at 47.3%? I bought a pallet of stolen stuff to sell in a bar that I've also bought by mistake - but it's like totally impossible to flog as it's obviously illegal (the normal gear is 40%). It's also why I'm so fucked today.

  16. Blargh! I've tolerated IVD's gin drinking so far but now Crump comes along smelling of gin.

    Gin is the only beverage that doesn't cross Mistress MJ's lips.

    And thanks a lot for adding to the misery that is the headache that I have from too much wine last night.

  17. Maybe Geoff could borrow the lady to his lefts gin bottle?

    It may be empty. Or really he should have had that gizmo you were advertising a while back. The German thing.

  18. I love a nice G&T made with Bombay Saphire. YUM

  19. did it lose something in the British to English translation then... *scratches head*

  20. More gin talk. Blarghhhh.

    Mistress MJ is hungover and in the middle of a work frenzy.

    Expect her to return tomorrow with a renewed chutzpah and puissance.

  21. soooo were you wooed into something with some irish whiskey then??

  22. *takes long drag from cigarette and blows it in MJ's face*...I'm still not talking to you because you published that picture which you TOLD ME you would never publish; plus you can have your lipstick back-I'm allergic to that cheap Avon crap.

    *flounces off*

  23. coeee got a new blog yipeeeee
    hope your well luv helen xxx

  24. This 47.3% / 40% shit. Is it coz you've got different sized litres and shit? You know - grains per gallon and stuff - maybe it's all fucked up.

    Why don't you yanks and sub-yanks play by the rules?