Thursday, August 28, 2008

Pizzas and Bongos

My 12-day-in-row work hell has ended!

Join me in celebrating as I break out the pizzas and bongos!


  1. It appears someone at the party ordered extra sausage with their pizza...

    I'll be other there giving the band a hand...or whatever else she needs banging.

  2. Sorry, meant "over there" but the equipment she's carrying is distracting...

  3. EROS: Try to stay focused, would you?

  4. YEAH!!!!! mjs ready to fucking party!!! WOOOOO HOOOO!!!!

    *puts on abba album and cranks it up*

    "cel-e-brate good times, c'mon"

    *does a little dance*

    "take a chance on me"

    *jumps up and down and spills drink*

    glad yer getting a day off!!!

  5. Wow this is like a KC and Sunshine Band moment (or whoever made that song Celebration)

    That hussy in the last photo looks mighty startled. Can't blame her, who holds a pizza like that.

  6. VOICES: Mamma mia
    There you go again
    My my
    How can I resist you?

    Gimme gimme gimme!

    I’m feeling Bjorn again!

    CYBERPOOF: KC and the Sunshine Band recorded "(Shake, Shake, Shake) Shake Your Booty" which I’m not sure I want to see reenacted by you anytime soon.

    Kool and the Gang were responsible for “Celebration”.

    Didn’t your Kylie also cover it?

  7. cheese is yelling at the dog outside... have to go... enjoy the abba flashbacks.... (i really did put it on the player...)

    *skips and dances to front door as he yells...)

    "what the fuck is goin on out there?!?! dont yell at my fucking dog!!"

  8. *cant find celebration song he loves...*


    *finds it on kool and the gang cd...cranks it for mj*


  10. I first read this as "Pizza and Bong hits" and I thought,


    and then I looked closer.

    that's just wrong.

  11. BOXER: That's not a BONG.

    It's a SCHLONG.

    *cues "You Shook Me All Night LONG"*

  12. That delivery man is iether deformed or Thats a ruber willy stuck on a pizza box. Its a bit too high up his body to be normal.
    I hope that young lady doesnt beat her bongo's too hard

  13. Lady on the cover of Pizza & Bongos: Just because you mask it with a scarf, doesn't mean we won't see your poo (mini, or otherwise) when it hits the floor. That pose is a dead giveaway.

  14. Are you having a 'spot the ball' competition?

    I can't see any, but I reckon their might be one behind that pizza box.

  15. That last pix must be a scene from the latest Larry The Cable Guy movie.

  16. How did you know I deliver pizzas with extra sausage?

  17. bet the cheese was a bit that pepperoni?

  18. BEAST: What makes you such an expert on anatomy?

    Are you a doctor?

    IVD: What is that mysterious brown object under the word “Pizzas”?

    GARFY: Mistress MJ is more likely to bust balls than hide balls.

    XL: “Larry the Cable Guy” is too highbrow for my tastes.

    It’s a scene from Big Sausage Pizza.

    MAXI: I found your number on a wall.

    DAISY: Cheese?

    I was looking forward to a nice bit of Welsh rarebit for breakfast ‘til you mentioned this.

  19. Yes, Big Sausage Pizza. One of the more ridiculous porn sites on the web.

  20. HEFF: Well thanks a lot for spoiling the element of surprise for everyone else!

  21. Do any women color their nipples darker or lighter? If so, is there a product specifically marketed for that purpose?

  22. TROLL: Have fun experimenting on yourself with this Nipple Tint.

  23. HA! That Pizza guy really delivers. He is quite famous and has his own cyber porn site called 'Wanna Pizza O' This' where he displays his mouth watering collection of satisfying customers...

    er, um, atleast that's what I've heard.

  24. DONNNNN: His motto is "You wanna pizza me?"

  25. Oh, right!

    Yes Kylie did cover that song. I just thought that would have been lost on you.

    Why are most straight porn stars always ugly mullet loving old dudes?

  26. fishnets and bongos... a boy can only dream...

    *drifts off into hour long day dream at work*

  27. I don't normally think of bongos when I want to celebrate. Do they go with pizzas?

  28. He has another site called Mike Hunts Acute Angina.

  29. CYBERPOOF: Why are most straight porn stars always ugly mullet loving old dudes?

    So that ugly mullet-loving old dudes think they might stand a chance with beautiful nymphomaniac women.

    VOICES: So you’re diggin’ it, daddy-o?

    TICKERS: Yes, pizzas go with bongos but you might also like to try Bagels and Bongos.

    DONNNNN: Acute angina?

    Her tits ain’t bad either.


  30. Well, it's about damn time!

    I'd like an XXXL sausage pizza, that one is too small for me.

    I dedicated my post to you today Mistress MJ. I hope your happy with yourself. Damn you!

  31. RANDOM: Not big enough?

    Is your snatch the Bermuda Triangle?

  32. Yes, things get lost in there. I still can't find my blowdryer to this day...

    BTW, I made some corrections on my blog. Will they do?

  33. "Yes, things get lost in there."

    hopefully that wasnt random chics "purse" you posted pictures of the other day....

  34. RANDOM: Mistress MJ is pleased by your edits.

    Take no notice of Voices.

    He is being disrespectful.

    VOICES: Is this the purse you’re referring to?

  35. GAH! you asked her if it was the bermuda triangle...

    *sulks off, turns ipod on and listens to random chics favorite song, tainted love*

  36. That's a bit mean because they don't stand a chance in hell.

  37. Mrs. Bongo is just lovely and I like her stockings very well.

  38. Check out the radiator on that.

  39. BEAST: Rude?

    That’s rich coming from someone who posted a pic of a giant vag on wheels.

    VOICES: Would you keep it down?

    I’m trying to have a nap here.

    CYBERPOOF: Donald Trump seems to have done alright.

    MAGO: Somehow I knew you would appreciate a fine set of stockings.

    And you can catch crabs with them too!

    KNUDSEN: Where have YOU been?

    You’ve just come ‘round ‘cause you heard there was pizza, haven’t you?

  40. Oh GAWD! Why, oh why did I click on that link...that image is now seered into my memory.

    *goes to the kitchen to poke eyes out with a fork*

  41. well to get access to his millions I'd consider servicing him

  42. Eeeeewwww! CyberPetra!

    Yes, MJ, what is that brown thing under the word Pizza? A poo in a pitta?

  43. CYBERPOOF: It's that combover that turns you on, isn't it?

    IVD: I'm not certain but I'd say it's definitely some form of British fast food.

  44. That lady has scaley legs...

  45. See, this is exactly the reason why I don't eat fast food.

    Especially something that's probably still warm...

  46. MUTLEY: She’s perfect for you.

    Hearkening back to my interview with you, I recall you said you were “covered in scales and poach easily.”

    IVD: Could it be a dodgy curry?

    Or the end result of a dodgy curry?

  47. I like the bongos. Will pass on the mullet pizza thanks.

    I can't believe this guy is allowed to make porn. I am going to write and produce my own one for women, where the men wear suits and are nice. And have decent hair.

  48. came here from Random Chicks blog.

    Now thats one hellova party!

  49. T-BIRD: Nice men wearing suits with decent hair cuts?

    Obviously they’re gay, darling.

    MELEAH: Welcome to Infomaniac!

    Any friend of Randoms is a friend of mine.

    Except for the ones with protruding foreheads, dragging their knuckles.

    This is only a wee celebration.

    Come back this weekend for our Summer’s End Party when it really gets shakin’!

  50. a wee wee celebration!?!?!!

    *finds place to pee OUTSIDE mjs house*

  51. Oh no!!! Meleah you've been tainted now!!!

    IV, will you go find a bathroom like a normal...oh, sorry. I forgot. LOL

  52. Wearing a suit and a haircut doesn't make a man gay.
    Crack'a'crab ... crabalab shlabalab ... Mrs. Bongo should wear a real fitting scent, something citronell.

  53. I'll just have some pasta thanks.....

  54. VOICES: I’m going out for cocktails and dinner now and when I get back, this blog had better be cleaned up.

    RANDOM: Meleah is under my spell.

    Resistance is futile.

    As for Voices, I’m not sure he can be housetrained.

    MAGO: You are one of the exceptions, my dapper freund.

    MANUEL: I hope the woman with the pizza tipped!

  55. 12 days of hard graft... MJ, you must have the longest paper round in Vancouver.
    Anyway.. I'm glad your back, now we can catch up on our long distance pervy phone calls. I'm tired of masturbating while your sister talks dirty to me, she's a nice gal, but she just doesn't do it for me like you do.

    I received your panties in the post this morning, thanx very much, just in time for me to wash the cars tomorrow. Mind you... looking at the size of them I shall be able to dry them too.

  56. I think the music that really should be playing at the party is by Distrubed. "You might get down with the sickness." Glad your 12 days of hell are over just in time for Filthy Friday too!

  57. I am not teflon-coated. And When talking about family I'd prefer to be mentioned in connection with grandpa Francesco, the Prime Minister.

    And - Buon appetito, carissima.

  58. No word of a lie - I actually have a cousin named Mike Hunt! Needless to say, he changed his last name a number of years ago. He's part aboriginal (I am not) so he is now Michael Many Eagles. Gets a lot less flak, I am sure!

  59. wow...

    im sorry...

    i hav e nothing at t his ppoint...


  60. BOLLIX: Thanks for the photo of you wearing my knickers.

    You’ve only gone and stretched the waistband though!

    CECILE: *waits to see if Cecile is number one for Filthy Friday*

    MAGO: Gracie.

    PONYGIRL: He could have gone for a completely different angle and called himself Dick Hunter.

    VOICES: Eh? What the?

  61. HAL: More where that came from.

  62. Pizzas and Bongos? If this isn't a euphemism, it ought to be. Please think of something rude it can mean.

  63. GORDIE: You're welcome to make suggestions.

    I'm busy with the weekend pool party.

    Come on over!