Friday, August 01, 2008

Filthy Friday

Infomaniac is back and is breaking the vow of silence.

Meanwhile, confused blogger Mago wanders onto the set and exclaims...

I thought this was a knitting blog. Ich verstehe nicht.



    *ponders and asks self (god) why thats so important*

  2. VOICES: Get down on your scabby knees and pray for an answer.

  3. Mago seems to be playing pocket billiards
    The perv

  4. Inner Voices first again

  5. 5th? It's not even worth commenting.

    Happy fucking Friday.

  6. You just *know* that German is thinking impure thoughts. Filthy Deutche.

  7. Fetchin' pair of britches there. They'd go lovely with my drinking jumper.

  8. Don't call Mago a German folks hes likely to put you into a death camp, hes Franconian from Francony or somewhere.

  9. Morgen! Stillgestanden!
    I've only done my duty ... up to the Cnitting-Camp ... ah no, sorry ... wrong timing. BTW I do not wear stripes.
    Have a good time with the novices, they have a lot to learn, but I am sure you'll give them exhausting lessons.

  10. *Looks around nervously*
    Is it the wrong day or have I come to the wrong place?

    That chap seems to be fully clothed.

    Not that I'm complaining of course.

  11. BEAST: If I held off posting for just another half hour or so, then you would just be getting up and Voices would be going to bed.

    That way, he'd be snoozing and you could make your move and get here first.

    BOXER: Technically, you are first because my comment doesn't count and Beast used two
    comment boxes when he could have used one.

    So really you're third.

    T-BIRD: Impure thoughts about Sheilas.

    Watch your back.

    GARFER: With all the beautiful people here who read this blog, I think it's time for an Infomaniac fashion show.

    *scribbles note to self*

    KNUDSEN: Francony?

    How far is that from Killamory?

    MAGO: It's just the horizontal stripes you should avoid.

    Not very slimming, I'm afraid.

    KAZ: But we know you're mentally undressing him.

  12. Pull over!?! Not only should he be pulled over, he ought to be arrested for wearing such an offensive outfit!!!

    Those twisted sisters need to get their act together and open their holes only to utter prayers to send this man a mirror and some fashion sense!

    His vagina tickler looks impeccably well groomed though.

  13. I'm seriously thinking of takin up the Habit. Of course, I'll still be a closet perv.

  14. i'm with kaz on this one, sugar...i was expecting more or less, i guess ;-)

    (still recovering from your...uh, what are we calling it these days?)


  15. Hmmm, I rather like that jumper... guess I'm out of the fashion show with comments like that, eh?

  16. Ach so.

    Das is ein hässliches Pullover.

    Schönes Wochenende

  17. EROS: How do you know it’s not a todger tickler?

    CATSCRATCH: If you misbehave, I’ll take the starch out of your wimple.

    SAVANNAH: Cake farts?

    PEEVISH: You’re in the fashion show if you don’t mind walking naked down the catwalk wearing only a pair of sock monkey slippers.

    CYBERPOOF: If your mother had stayed at your place ‘til Friday, she would have seen this pic and ordered the pullover for you.

    Consider yourself lucky.

  18. I am qquiet taken with the pervy old nun , I bet she knows her way round an altar candle

  19. BEAST: She been looking high and low for that candle and asks that you kindly extricate it from betwixt your buttock cheeks.

  20. I'm not sure, I think my money would have been on the trousers.

    Actually I consider myself very lucky that they actually left. Had she left a pullover like that behind for me, I'd still have appreciated it. Because they left.

  21. CYBERPOOF: Are you attracted to the trousers because, as Beast said, they have "pocket billiards" potential?

    VOICES: You love being a sinner and I love punishing naughty boys.

    What a happy coincidence!

    This "tit for tat" is what makes Infomanaic the happy place that it is.

  22. i do enjoy tits and tats as well... this is a happy coincidence!!

  23. VOICES: Another happy coincidence is that two Infomaniac readers are skilled in the lost art of tatting.

    I could get one of them to tat you a tit.

  24. You are right, I am (and yes Beasty is right too)

  25. 'Mago' looks like a young, less follically-challenged Jude Law.
    Although I'm not sure jude would be seen wearing such a get up?

  26. This piece of clothing is simply terrible, the stripes, the colours, the useless buttons. I am even not sure how to name that, it's no "Pullover" and it is no "Weste", which are advertised here.

  27. Sometimes A Nun With Nasty Habits Is All That Is Needed?

  28. CYBERPOOF: *nods in agreement*

    IVD: Mago hasn’t achieved that Phil Collins hairline yet.

    MAGO: Perhaps Herr Mago would prefer it with Velcro fasteners?

    TONY: I am searching your comment for secretly coded acronyms.

  29. Hook and Loop ... Where's your Straps Frau MJ? I like to wear a waistcoat, have some colourful, they are buttoned front down, I simply do not like that this whatever is buttoned sideways ...

  30. MAGO: Aren’t YOU the dandy!

  31. Call me Beau ... the base of Dandyisme is cast-iron(ic) self-love, no I am not selfish enough to go as Dandy: Good shoes and a little drapery round the belly are not enough. You need a hat too.

  32. Ellenbogen! Gegenuber! Durchfall!

    Das ist alles Deutsche ich habe!

  33. MJ,

    Your post about knitting was fun to read.

    I visited Mago and now I'm confused !? I don't understand this Post. Also I don't know why I am here I should be in bed. Unless it is just to say, "G'day." I am feeling knackered.(unwell) and am going back to bed. Hopefully I will feel better later in the day.
    please excuse.


  34. i am strangely aroused by the overly-groomed man in his natty knitty sweatery thing. he looks like he's thinking about, i dunno, oppressing the French or something.
    i want to buff him to a high shine.
    i do.

  35. MAGO: It appears that even without the hat, you have attracted the attention of the lovely Ms. Nations.

    T-BIRD: What did they put in your Vegemite?

    KOOKABURRA: I don’t understand this post either.

    I was high at the time.

    NATIONS: Are you making a move on Mago?

    This has not been officially sanctioned by Fag, Hag and the Odd Slag Dating Service!

  36. FN
    Ich verstehe nicht. Polish the French?

  37. I'd do that nun. Yes, I would.

  38. MATT: She might even take her dentures out for you.