Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Portable Pee Bag for Men

Last year, Infomaniac posted about a variety of female pee devices in “Women Who Pee Standing Up” and in “Shenis Envy.”

Now, thanks to an email I received from Yorkshire’s biggest poofs, Infomaniac reveals a special pee gadget especially for men.

Ladies and gentlemen, The Roadbag! The pocket urinal for men.

Got a minute and a half? Then watch the video (in German but informative nonetheless) on the “How it Works” page.

This man could have used a Roadbag!...


  1. i dont even care what a fucking road bag is... (dial up, no pics..) but if infomaniac is pimping it i want a signed edtion... yeah eh?

  2. That would be excellent , I once had to pee in a plastic cup when stuck in a hidious traffic jam in a tunnel for 4 hours on the M25.I had to keep stopping and emptying the steaming contents out the window so we didnt have an overflow situation

  3. That man could've just moved out the way!

    He must be a peon!

  4. Why would I waste money on that when an empty lemonade model does the same job for nothing?

    The full bottle also comes in useful for throwing at the working classes as I drive past them.

  5. *wonders just how small Garfy's willy is, if it can fit in the neck of a lemonade bottle*

  6. My directional flow is second to none Piggy.

    I imagine that you spray a circumference of at least six feet.

  7. perhaps he thought the Old Man Pee is a hair restorative?

  8. VOICES: My pen would puncture the bag.

    But perhaps that’s what you want?

    BEAST: So traffic wasn’t the only thing backed up on the M25.

    How big a cup was it, exactly? Short? Grande? Venti?

    EROS: A “peon”… har!

    PIGGY & GARFY: This is not a pissing match to see who can pee the furthest.

    But if it’s fun and games you’re after, here’s the Pissgoal.

    BITTERSWEET: To protect against hair loss, you have to mix old, heated urine with mixture of potato and sulphur powder.

    I’d be afraid the cook would get it mixed up with the bangers and mash.

  9. I know that pee is used to keep gophers away?

    No, he doesn't look like a gopher to me either.

  10. BOXER: Gophers…

    “They're like the Viet-Cong...Varmint-Cong.”

  11. When my man was a lad, on long road trips they had to pee out a rusted out hole in the bottom of the fambly car...Roadbag is like Russell Simmons' 18k gold toilet by comparison! Swank!

  12. right as i clicked the infolink from the voices my helper walks in and see the pee man... damn....

    *click back the voices and pretends to be working*

  13. Did that German guy say he was caught short while driving back from Denmark?

    I want to make a joke at CyberPetra's expense, but I *know* he wouldn't have anything to do with that frightwigged-fool!

  14. You are so right IDV!

    With that shag there is definately a no-go from me.

    The Roadbag song is as cheerful as it is short.

  15. I know! I was disappointed at the lack of length... To the Roadbag song, you pervs!

  16. That guy doesn't need this pee bag, he's got his friend's head to pee on.

  17. nonsense.....a large mouthed bottle does the trick......apparently......not that yer man needs a large mouthed anything.....

  18. No one can be in that much of a hurry to have to pee in a bag in the car! Spill a little and every hot day you will smell your accident. I guess that golden shower has a bad effect on the hair follicles.....

  19. LEAH: That explains the rust.

    VOICES: Maybe they’ll think you’re doing research into a prostate problem.

    IVD & CYBERPOOF: I’m fairly certain the pair of you will be singing the Roadbag Song every time you take a whiz for the remainder of the week.

    RANDOM: Speaking of heads, your new one is incredibly perky!

    MANUEL: Any man I know would say to hell with the bottle and just whip his willie out the window.

    MYTOES: When you gotta go, you gotta go.

    Well as long as the seats are vinyl, not cloth.

  20. omfg you can't just pull over! ffs

  21. If you wip yer willie just outa the window, especially when driving: first try to see just a little where you aiming too or where the spray will go; second: remember that willie is a little sensitive, there is something like tripper from the cold, willie is inflammable.
    Buy a nappy.