Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Book Title of the Day

If you’ve already read everything on Beasties Book Club Holiday Special list, try Fag Slave to the Muscle Gods.

Would anyone like to provide a brief review?

Having actually READ the book is not a requirement.


  1. YAY first!

    I don't know about contents but his hat, glasses and moustache are poor form

    poor form indeedio

  2. Is his codpiece in the up right position?

  3. One can only hope it's not a picture book if the cover is anything to go by. If only that Fag Slave had a head. Then he'd be able to see that it's actually his dad whose (obviously stuffed) shorts he's trying to pull down.
    He's going to get a good spanking for this!

  4. Eeep! STC crash! Good job I didn't yell FIRST!

  5. "please, please, please mr muscle god" he begged "take those ugly shades off and for gods sake do something about your do"

    He held on to the muscle gods trousers crying, now in a hysterical voice he squealed

    "you are one big crime against fashion, please!"

    The muscle man grunted, crossed his arms, tweaked his nipples and shrugged.

  6. A.K.A. Memoirs of a Village People gay-sha...

    Hey! Hey! Hey, hey, hey!
    Macho, macho man (macho man)
    I've got to be, a macho man
    Macho, macho man
    I've got to be a macho! Ow....

  7. Kleines Arschloch meets Tom of Finnland. The rest is moaning and groaning.

  8. Tom of Finnland!!!! YAY!!

    Erm, is this a real book? For reals and truly? The art work is a little... confusing.

  9. CYBERPOOF & IVD: Well I can see that you’re both all over this one like a rash!

    Like shit to a blanket, more like.

    I’m going after the movie rights and would like the pair of you to star in it.

    *bitch fight ensues over who plays the fag slave*

    EROS: Oooo look!

    The big Macho Muscle Boy from Texas is starting a chorus line!

    MAGO: Äch! Little Arsehole.

    Is Old Knudsen Der alte Sack?

    T-BIRD: Yes, it’s a real book.

    MUST I always prove myself?

  10. I'll let IDV have this one.

    I'm saving myself for something better

  11. Old K is definitely an old sack.

    I am referring to this:

    Walter Moers did once a fine book "Arsch in Öl" and gave examples for the little assholes' important position in art history. One of his examples was "Der neue Vorarbeiter" by Tom of Finnland, at least inspired by the master.

  12. CYBERPOOF: *awaits reBUTTal from IVD*

    MAGO: That's some harsh Arsch.

    Old K HAS an old sack.

  13. "Old K" is just a pseudonym for "Ironsack" Kelly the unstompable.

  14. MAGO: Or "Old Kunt"

    I am saddened by his hiatus from Old Bitter Balls.

  15. I will only take the part of the Fag Slave if the Muscle God part goes to that certain someone with whom I'm acquainted.

    I want my own winnebago, a car & driver and my 'rider' is not to be questioned!

  16. I plan a week of mourning over the departure of Old Knudsen. *sniff*

    but in the meantime, could you bump up the porn here?

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. ech!

    Refer to you picture number 3 in mute Monday for an overview.....

  19. The Muscle God appears to be wearing culottes.

    What a woofter. Unless they are leather culottes, in which case he is a willy woofter.

  20. IVD: I don't recall Tim rippling with muskkles.

    Stop being such a demanding bitch.

    I suppose you want green M&Ms too.

    BOXER: Sigh.

    It's just not the same without Knudsen.

    Could you put on his cap and pretend to be him?

    DIVA: It wasn't the most flattering camera angle, was it?

    He should have leaned a little to the left.

    GARFY: As long as they're not golf culottes.

    Or lederhosen.

  21. Man, by the time I get here to comment all the funny stuff has already taken place...I need a fag slave.

  22. The cap ... the "Grail of Blogdom". When it all comes together, the bra, the elfshorts AND the cap, unknown energies will be set free. Is there something else traveling the world via web? A holyboot? All the regalia for blogdom's ruler ...

  23. BOXER: What do you suppose it would take to get Knudsen to return to us?

    What must we do to restore order to The Knudsen Nation?

    RANDOM: I can give you a wake-up call each morning, if you like.

    MAGO: Do you have a spare pair of lederhosen that are itching to travel?

    I'm sure there must be someone out there who would love to get into your lederhosen.

  24. "Frauen kommen, Frauen geh'n
    krachlederne Reithosen bleiben besteh'n."
    Adolf H., 1935

    "So ist's und so bleibt's -
    in ledernen Hosen reibt's."
    Volksmund, 17. Jhr.

    Hands off. Your sticky fingers make stains on the polish!

  25. MAGO: The only man who can top a Hitler quote is Old Knudsen.

    *sobs hysterically*

    Someone console me!

  26. Woman, Evasdottir, he just rests in that cave. His time will come, The Nation will be restored.

    (In six months when he'll be released on parole.)

  27. It looks like that nekked feller is juz tryin' to pull himsef up to speak into the mikeyphone tucked in the front of the other feller's pants...is all.

    I have no ideer what he'z a gunna say but it prolly has sumthin' to do with losin' his pants when he went a'swimmin down at the waterin hole.

  28. Microphone? I thought he'd stuffed a shoe down there...

  29. Little bivalves made me smoke alot in Fag slaves to the Mussel Gods..... did I get this right?


    DONN & T-BIRD: Microphone?


    How about a Shoe Phone?

    MUTLEY: Mind you don't catch any crabs!

  31. Fags are cigarettes over here , so I am completely confused , no one tries to pull my shorts down when I go for a fag break.
    Well thats not entirley true, but moving swiftly on

  32. I dunno - but there's gotta be something to keep the Old Man (and his cap)here.

    Must. Think.


  33. I'm betting the author was towel boy for the football team in high school. ah, the smell of cruex, the agony of the cleats...'please let me bring you some gatorade during halftime! i'll mix it with my special swizzle!'

  34. BEAST: Maybe they’re desperate for a smoke and they want your fag butt.

    MAGO: FOKing right.

    BOXER: Our offers of drunk pity fucks fell on deaf ears.

    Maybe he’s pining for Killamory?

    NATIONS: Ahhh…the towel-snapping of bare buttocks.

    Those jocks and their zany antics!

  35. Sadly "Brush Media Corp." seems to be out of business. I found on their site only Copyright until 2000. Achach, no more hairy naked smut ...

  36. MAGO: Try www.brushcreek.com

  37. Yeah, that's what I found: 367 Ninth and all.
    Have a look at the copyright-thingy.

    Maybe they all collapsed because of steroid-abuse ...

  38. MAGO: Try faxing your résumé to them and see what happens.

    Maybe they OD'd on poppers.