Friday, June 20, 2008

Filthy Friday - Vintage Homo Fest

(Click the pic to blow it up BIGGER! Oh yeah!)


  1. blow up something to make it bigger?!?! hmmmm...

  2. Why do I come here on Filthy Friday? Oh sure, once and a while you get Armpit sex but lately all it's been is poofters.

    When are you going to spotlight Canadian midget porn?

  3. VOICES: I thought you were out in your yard throwing up on your feet.

    Welcome back, barf boy.

    BOB: Get used to the poofters as I am a big ole fag hag. A fruit fly. A lover of men who love men.

    Occasionally I shall throw some scraps of midget porn your way if I’m in the mood but that day is not today.

    Tomorrow’s not looking good either.

  4. It's not usually clicking that makes that happen

  5. CYBERPOOF: Yet I just clicked and you appeared!

  6. All wearig their socks I see , is that like the victorian equivalent of safe sex???

  7. Those vintage homos always have a bit of life in them when you drop the soap.

  8. i clicked, 'cos i like vintage porn (and some rather lovely image manipulation too)

    Thanks MJ

  9. With the smoking ban going into effect at midnight, patrons celebrating John L Sullivan Night were seen handing out large tips to the busboys who valiantly tried to keep the party going and soothe the oral cravings of the guests at tables 4, 9, 12, & 17.

  10. BEAST: Wearing socks with sandals would have guaranteed safe sex.

    A definite mood killer!

    KNUDSEN: When you were in the big hoose, how long did it take you to figure out you should wear your soap on a rope?

    BITTERSWEET: Vintage cocksucking never gets old.

    DONN: John L. Sullivan…

    When he said, “I can lick any son of a bitch in the world!” he obviously meant it!

  11. Not very intimate, is it?

    I see man in the suspenders has just come from the Rocky Horror show...

  12. The chaps on the far right have something interesting going on.
    I hope they're all getting full satisfaction .. and the horse underneath as well.

  13. Yep - those guys on the right have one of those optical illusions in the making. A magic eye picture.

    The hair and socks is what is killing me in this one... do you think any of these gents are still alive? Possibly posting pictures of their corpulant selves in the nets?

  14. IVD: It’s all part of the time warp.

    Speaking of which, did you notice I had an STC with CyperPoof?

    KAZ: There’s so much going on here.

    I find it all very hard to swallow, er, follow.

    T-BIRD: Why T-Bird, I think you’ve got it!

    This is the “before” in “before and after”.

  15. PIGGY: If it's sweet sticks of rock you're after, visit Herge.

    He's your candy man.

    I'm your filth monger.

  16. MJ - gone to mountains for 2 weeks - will miss my daily fix of your blog.

    See you when I get back - keep the pics coming, wherever you find them!!

    and have a great weekend MJ!

  17. For vintage porn, they seem ahead of their time...with the socks and all.


    You are cordially invited to Random Chick's BitchFest 2008. Please come along and bitch with us!

  18. I am a big ole fag hag

    You are right about that. You are a big OLE fag hag

  19. Knowing a little a bit about how photographs were taken "back then"... all I can say is.... they were focused.

  20. you realize that this only represents 3 guys, right?
    3 very busy, very hungry guys. one of which has a rockin' hercule poirot moustache.
    you are the Improved Heptosoph of vintage porn, lady!

  21. A bit like synchronized swimming, except filthier.

    One of them is wearing braces. Obviously a proto- rubber fetishist.

  22. Oh my, those hairstyles. So 1975.

    Is it a photo or a degayrotype?

  23. NWT: I’ll look forward to my inbox filled with holiday snaps of you hiking naked through the mountain trails and bending over to pick wildflowers.

    Are you on your way to a yodeling contest?

    RANDOM: Isn’t every day a bitch fest at your place?

    CYBERPOOF: Not everyone stays 29 forever like you, dear.

    BOXER: On the task at hand.

    NATIONS: Our World Champ friend would be impressed by the facial hair.

    Where oh where can he be?

    MAIDY: Pot calling kettle black.

    GARFY: Braces?

    An accident waiting to happen.

    Someone will soon be singing castrato.

    KAPI: A deGAYrotype or an early POLEroid.

    It’s certainly over-exposed in any case.

  24. CYBERPOOF: 28?

    Piggy has liver spots that are older than you.

  25. I don't doubt that for a minute.

    Yours can't be that far behind though.

  26. It's the first annual sausage festival! The event that inspired the Oscar Mayer jingles!

    Oh, I wish I were an Oscar Mayer wiener
    That is what I truly want to be
    'Cause if I were an Oscar Mayer wiener
    Everyone would be in love with me.

    My bologna has a first name, it's O-S-C-A-R
    My bologna has a second name, it's M-A-Y-E-R
    Oh, I love to eat it every day, and if you ask me why, I'll say,
    "'Cause Oscar Mayer has a way with B-O-L-O-G-N-A."

  27. They're not liver spots, young whipper snapper. They are beauty spots.

    Huff! The youth of today!

  28. Of course back in the old days this wasn't gay, it was just men being manly with each other.... very manly.

    Looks like they're passing round the sticks of rock.

  29. wow, how did they hold those poses for so long? xoxox

  30. CYBERPOOF: At least I’m not Danish.

    EROS: I relish your comment.

    T-BIRD: We’ll get our revenge when we see CyberPoof in The Shorts.

    HERGE: Indeed they are passing around sticks of rock.

    And arguing about who gets the pink one and who gets the rainbow one.

    Some things never change, eh?

    SAVANNAH: There must have been a professional fluffer on the set.

  31. I always enjoy filthy friday. And were do you find these pics? almost makes being a homo look fun.

  32. RICH: Old Knudsen told me about that night in college.

    But until you're ready to go all the way, why don't you try one of Knudsen's gurlyboys?

  33. I really don't have much to say other than that is some FUNNY shit! Lovin' the sock holder upper thingies, too. And a couple of those poses look terribly uncomfortable....LMAO

  34. A vintage homo feast is more like it. Sweet!

  35. GOOB: Welcome to Infomaniac, you Tallahassee Lassie down in F.L.A.!

    I recognize you from Random's place.

    Isn't she the biggest bitch?

    CECILE: Speaking of bitches.

    Kids in bed already?

  36. It might take all those guys to satisfy the big boobed gal in the picture before. Maybe three at a time if they can find the landing strip!

  37. MYTOES: I think these fellas would rather crash and burn than come in for a landing.