Saturday, September 15, 2007


Somebody help me, wouldya?

UPDATE: Problem solved. Thanks Old Knudsen!

I can’t figure out how to post my avatar to my Blogger Profile.

This makes me officially more technologically-challenged than IVD, who managed to create quite a brilliant map of The Elf Shorts on his blog.

Yes, I’ve already read the instructions on Blogger and I still can't make sense of it.

Suggestions welcome.


  1. Don't ask me, I use a 'K-Tel Clapper' to turn my Computer on.

    Don't you go to publishing I have to go and see...oh for pete's sake just ask WW, he changes his every hour. You may have to e-mail him to get his attention because it's Friday Night and he'll be pissed as a rat and wandering around the neighbourhood IN his Teddy by now...he will have his cell with him 'cause he always phones me around midnight and says,

    "You know what((hic))you think you're so f*cking smart don't you..(unintelligible ranting)...
    she never told me about it((hic))not even ONCE!((hic))I never even kissed her((hic))down there and she blames me for an outbreak((hic))
    Can you believe that shi((hic))
    but that f*cking (more incomprehensible mumbling)
    (screeching tires)
    Wo SH*T..that was close..
    No I really mean it(sniffling)
    You com ((hic))plete mee hee hee hee hee((hic))

    He usually ends up in Emerg by around 1

  2. That sounds familiar, HE...

    As for the picture/avatar thing, I think - it has been a while, mind - you just put the pic's blogger address (such as: in the Photo URL field in the Edit Your Profile thingy. The pic has to come from a blog to have the address. I think. I normally just press loads of buttons until something happens...

    Help. Anyone?

  3. HE: So did you get a call from the hospital in the wee hours of the morning?

    WW's going to need more than a teddy in WinterPeg. Be a pal and get him a flannel nightie for those big nights on the town.

    IVD: Geez, it's like the blind leading the blind when YOU come to my aid. Thanks anyway, sweetie.

    PIGGY: We fart in your general direction.

    BITCHES: Thankfully, Old Knudsen gallantly came to my rescue, unlike Piggy. And look! I've got a Profile pic!

  4. And you want me to do a fucking blog?

  5. IVD: Thank you.

    TATAS: There's no point really as I would be your only reader.

  6. Great pose. Full size girl and soft.