Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Give Them A Hand!


  1. I bet the music is pretty shite which is why fingers are usually a good idea.

  2. The amazing thing is that Jeff plays Spanish guitar.

  3. A couple of rubber bands on the claw and he doesn't need the guitar

  4. KNUDSEN: Music be damned.

    What I want to know is how they “pump gas at the self-service island”?

    CYPBERPOOPOO: Don’t be scared. Mummy’s here.


    GEOFF: Well if Django Reinhardt could do it.

    CYPERPOO: Let’s hope the rubber bands don’t snap.

    Then he’d take an eye out too.

  5. That would be tragic but somehow I can't stop laughing

    that's bad right?

  6. The feller with the claw; how does he wipe his donkey?

  7. This is in the worst possible taste - but just confirms my theory that people always want to do the things they'll be bad at.
    Like girls with huge arses wearing leggings.

  8. Sticking with the bad taste theme (thanks Kaz), Little Richard Miller's got no choice about being used. If Jesus wants to use and abuse him, what's he gonna do? Lightly prod him with a stump?

    On second thoughts, perhaps that's what Jesus wants.

  9. I'm sure it is IDV

    That Jesus guy, he's a naughty one that one

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  11. CYBERPOOP: Bad? You’re going straight to hell anyway.

    BINGOWINGS: With Cyberpoo’s sleeve.

    KAZ: Are you referring to my avatar?

    IVD: Spoken like someone accustomed to being used.

    Good night at the docks last night?

    I’m sure you’d like to be prodded with a stump.

    RIMSHOT: Black Sabbath makes me want to chop my hand off.

    CYBERPOO: Oh. You’re talking to IVD. Carry on.

  12. HEY! Don't wipe anything in my fabulous sleeves

    jebus you can't ever wear anything nice around here

  13. Looks like they might come in handy!

  14. CYBERPOO: Watch out for what the dog below you leaves here too!

    We wouldn't want you to step in any pressies with those fab ruby slippers of yours.

    MUTLEY: "Handy"...har.

    Funny old doggy.

  15. You may now consider yourself an honorary flatbutt.

    please accept my worship.
    (it's only temporary, of course, and its essentially an empty gesture, but there ya go.)


  16. Is Jesus bouncing up and down in the spray of the fountain, like Rover in The Prisoner?

    Why is Little Richard (could they not have come up with a more tactful nickname?) forced to play in the car park?

    Of course, if Jesus had been born in Richard's condition, the buggers wouldn't have been able to crucify him.

  17. FN: Flatbutt?

    I'll have you know I have a nicely rounded backside, thank you very much.

    That being said, I'll gladly accept the Indian name "Little Single Malt" as you suggested.

    FOOTMAN: Based on your crucifixion comment, I would like to nominate you for FN's honorary Flatbutt award.

  18. Anyway someone can find where to buy one of these? I'm desperate to have them as the best Christmas presents ever.

  19. CAITLIN: Try eBay or a used record store in your area.