Saturday, September 29, 2007

Happy Birthday, CyberPete!

He comes from a land of Tuborg and kippers
His shoes are sparkly ruby slippers
He’s charming and funny and oh so gay
Wish CyberPoof a happy birthday!


  1. I see someone bought him a pair of socks for his Birthday?

  2. *laughs at Tony's comment*

    I can't be arsed with poetry.

    I'll just wish you a Happy Birthday, you old cunt.

    Rapidly approaching pensioner age in poof years, eh?

  3. Thanks MJ

    Well Piggy, I'm nowhere near your age yet.

    Word verification: rydem

  4. Happy birthday, CyberPete (thought I'd be nice and call you by your proper name...)!

    Have you got some 'help' in to blow up your balloon?

  5. IDV you can come blow up my balloon anytime you want


  6. Happy Birthday CyberPete!
    Sweet and Delightful Danish Treat!

  7. Happy Birthday CyberDane.
    Bottoms up!

  8. Well would you look at that! IVF is straight in there looking for birthday cock.

    The dirty cunt.

    CyberMinge - Don't do it! It'll rot and fall off!

  9. KAZ why thank you dear

    Piggy not so straight though but I'll try to resist it

  10. Happy B Cyber P

    I hear IVD likes Great Danes,when he can't find an alsation.

  11. Thank you ever so much SID

    I'd pick a great dane over an alsation any day of the week. His taste is just awful

  12. I agree. His taste is fucking awful.

    I mean have you seen his choice in shoes? Truly dreadful.

    I gather his taste in men isn't that good either.

  13. Oh and MJ - fix our fucking link, you fucking slack arse.

  14. happy birthday cyber pete!

    open presents! have some rum!
    have mj's face tattooed on your bum!

  15. Thanks FN

    Oooer you are a poet
    and you don't even know it

    Or maybe you do
    I have no clue
    and this I declare is true

    Fancy a glass of bubbly?

  16. Thanks very much FN but I don't want CyberHoor sitting on my face.

    And Pigsty? I fixed your fucking link. If you wouldn't "redecorate" so often, I wouldn't have to be bothered.

    CyberSlag, I hope you've had a great day! I've started drinking to your health already. A toast to CyberHoor!
    *faces east*

  17. *cheers* Canuck slag

    Drinking Jameson?

  18. White wine. And yes I know it's only 4:30 in the afternoon.

    I'll be bringing out the Jamesons later in the evening.

    Maybe I'll go over to your blog after that and deface the comments section.

  19. You are very welcome MJ

    I'll be too hammered to comment soon so I'd better go to bed.

    Please leave tips on how to ease hangovers

  20. Goodnight little CyberSlut.

    I'm not giving you any tips after I noticed on Tazzy and Piggy's blog that you called me an alcoholic slag.

    I hope you dream of me.

  21. Standing on the street corners as usual,pissed as usual.

  22. SID: And who's the drunken Irishman leaning against me to keep himself upright?

    As usual.

  23. before y'all stagger off drunk would someone tell me why this young man is wearing my grandmothers hairnet on his frontal weenoid region?

  24. Damn, missed the festivities again.

    *cracks open a beer*

    Oh well.

    Happy belated Birthday CyberPete!

    *drinks beer in his honour*

  25. AMERICAN BITCHES: Too late.

    I drank your beer.

    Maidy, what's up with the skull and crossbones? Talk Like A Pirate Day is over.

  26. MAIDY: I know I know I should have said, "Yes, but why skulls?"

  27. Happy belated Birthday CyberPete!
    Is that all he's got?