Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Freakin’ Green Elf Shorts Want YOU!

Please help release these Shorts from their prison on Inexplicable DeVice’s body…

The deadline to win The Freakin’ Green Elf Shorts Caption Competition rapidly approaches. Enter by midday Greenwich Mean Time on Sunday, September 23rd. You could be the lucky winner!

Let’s take a peek at IVD in his usual street attire so that we may all recall what he looked like before The Shorts came into his possession…

Photo via Tazzy and Piggy

Since donning The Shorts, IVD’s gone through quite a transformation as seen here in this collection of photographs by SID

By the time the compo is over…

After being force-fed potatoes by SID…

As you can see, these Shorts desperately need a good home.

Only YOU can stop the abuse. Only YOU can stop the stainage.

Free The Shorts.

Do the right thing and enter the compo here.


  1. Ugh I was eating

    Did you have to?


  2. What were you eating, CyberCindy? Cock?

  3. wouldn't you like to know

    dirty boy

    I'm sure a good spanking is in order

  4. Carry on, you two.

    Don't mind me.

  5. MJ - I just noticed you've nicked a pic from us!

    We quite clearly state "Do not use our images without prior permission"

    *phones copyright police*

    CyberCindy - Ooooh! You dirty minx!

  6. Think they both need a room lol

  7. There's plenty of room in CyberCindy.

    Not quite as much as there is in MJ though.

  8. *ignores everyone only to ask...*

    Is anyone else as shocked as I am that Tatas can write poetry?

    That anonymous poem caption at IVD's Shorts compo is hers!

  9. I'm more surprised that she can speak, type and move.

    How the fuck did Connie manage to attract something that wasn't inanimate?

  10. PIGGY: I'm convinced that Tatas is actually a puppet and Connie has his hand up her arse making her mouth move and her mitts type.

  11. Nah. Connies the one that likes a hand up his arse.

  12. He is not the only one is he Piggy

    You've had more hands up your arse than Lamb Chop

  13. That B&W foto of IDV, I didn't know he was a pin up model!

  14. PIGGY: Says the puppeteer.

    CYBERCINDY: *tee hee*

    YNF: IVD’s a model for LadyLike magazine.

  15. *shoves a carrot up CyberCindy's arse*

    *that made no difference, so shoves a sackful up CyberCindy's arse*

    I'll have you all know that I have NEVER had a hand up my arse!

    Cheeky cunts.

  16. PIGGY: Our mistake.

    Not a hand.

    A FIST.

  17. Holy crap! They're not Ladies, they're monsters! I'm far too realistic to be one of those models.

    * ahem *

    Now what's all this about fisting?

  18. CYBERHOOR: Yes, you heard me right.

    Old Knudsen left a comment in "Danish Pastry" calling you Cyberhoor and I like it.

    IVD: You're no lady either by the look of that micro mini.

  19. Not a lady, or a laydee.

    A ladyboy is a more apt description of our fave witch.

    Not a very convincing one though, unfortunately.

  20. ...wait...go back to the fisting part. who's fisting? what fist? carrots? butts? tazzy's hairy buns glistening with sweat as he models his collection of thong underpants?

  21. I'm going out for the evening.

    Would someone please answer all incoming questions including the one above?

  22. Not me MJ

    I'm off to bed

    Piggy and Tazzy don't get any funny ideas

  23. FN - IVD is fisting. It's his favourite pastime.

    Other than dressing up in wimmins clothes.

    And crusty knickers.

  24. may i have funny ideas?

    *picturing the sun rising through the downy curls adorning tazzys perfectly sculpted hine*

  25. LMFAO


    Poem? me? it's so easy to copy and paste lol

    I'm no fucking lady or puppet and if i was it wouldn't be Cons hand up my arse either.

    T&P I'm his prison guard

  26. Imagines Tatas slipping on a leather glove like the 'Freak' used to do in 'Prisoner, Cell Block H'.

    Ooooh Tatas do you look like her?

    I bet Connies terrified!

  27. Lmao i used to watch that when Con was on nights.

    Do i like her? I don't fucking think so some how.

    Connie is always terrified.


  28. Ok, you lazy worthless Canuck - it's IVD thats having the compo, so stop using it as an excuse to post fuck all this weekend!

  29. Come on then, you lazy bitch. We're waiting.

    Even the fucking Smunt's have posted. Even if it was a shite post.

  30. *still picturing the sun rising through the silken down on tazzys bumfuzzle*