Saturday, September 08, 2007

Freakin’ Green Elf Shorts Update

Wondering whatever became of The Freakin’ Green Elf Shorts?

Wonder no more. Somewhere in Norwich…

The Freakin’ Green Elf Shorts as modeled by IVD.

IVD, do you call those bony drumsticks LEGS? These are legs…

MJ drunk on the heady scent of The Freakin’ Green Elf Shorts.

The Wee Witch of Norwich, Inexplicable DeVice (IVD), promises to FINALLY hold The Freakin’ Green Elf Shorts Caption Competition starting the week of Sunday, September 16, 2007.

One can only wonder what filthy pose he’ll end up in once he’s had a nip of gin.

I’ll keep you updated.


  1. who is he stalking in those shorts? and why is his legs glowing?

  2. Glowing, Knudsen? No. It's just the flash glaring off my lily-white skin.

    I make sure I wear my black cat suit for my stalking endeavo-

    I mean: Stalking? I don't understand?

  3. Between those two pics, style wise I grundgingly have to say MJ wins.

    Her striped combo works better than yours IDV. I'm sorry, you know I prefer you to her any day.

  4. I shall be there as I feel certain to in a caption competition...You have lovely legs by the way!

  5. out stomping the insidious cabbage looper amongst the cannabis, eh? go, shorts-man, go!

  6. KNUDSEN: It's the afterglow from his latest stint with the sailors down at the docks.

    IVD: No need to be shy around Knudsen. He's a sailor himself and he's seen it all.

    CYBERTWAT: IVD needs a makeover.

    MUTLEY: Why thank you.

    Cum again.

    FN: I believe the cabbage looper is native to North America.

    He's probably just stomping on a fag butt.

  7. Maybe we should call Queer Eye

    are they still on the air?

  8. Oh, go on Eddie.

    You know you want to. How else will you get your hands on the unfoldable shorts?

  9. Hi Bitch!

    Is that a ghostly glow over the bottle of Jamesons I see?

  10. That's a very nice way to present Jameson's MJ. Very nice indeed. Lots of glowing going on...

  11. CYBERTWAT: Remember that was Queer Eye for the STRAIGHT Guy.

    WARING: You were gagging for The Shorts when they were girding MY loins.

    Has IVD's body tainted them for you?

    IVD: I probably shouldn't mention how Waring emailed me asking for shorts, panties, anything really.

    SID: If you rub the bottle a genie will appear.

    Welcome back you useless Irish bastard.

    NWT: Care for a nip?

    It'll get you through those cold Arctic winters and really put a glow on.

  12. Those striped stockings...hmmm...I guess if I've just spend the day being Nanny to the Muppet Babies, I'd need a bottle of liqour, too.

  13. Ooops! Meant "spent", not spend; I've already had some of the good stuff!