Thursday, August 16, 2007

Dick Tricks

Penises should be fun, not just functional!

Fellas, you’ve had fun here on Infomaniac before with your willies, haven’t you?

I’m thinking of the day you learned how to scan your nobs.

And who can forget when you all sent me pics of your pricks?

Good times.

So knowing how much you boys enjoy playing pocket pool, why not explore the art of genital origami at Dick Tricks?

No time like the present. Whip it out right now, try a few moves, and let us know your faves.

Note: The Dick Tricks site is trying to gather all the dick tricks in the world. So if you have a unique dick trick of your own, send it to them.

Ladies (and I use that term loosely): I haven’t forgotten you. If you have a special trick you can do with your snatch, tell us all about it. I’m sure, for instance, that FN can blow smoke rings and Maidy can make hers whine.

Maidy’s endless vagina monologue: “It only took about a month, but I will be finished Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows tonight.”


  1. My lad can change the channels on telly with the remote control... Does that count as a trick?

    Fust! Fist! Furst! First!!!!!

    Am I?

  2. WARING: That's quite a powerful willie you've got there, Waring.

    My garage door just went up!

  3. My ex has a penis that can shrivel a vagina in 0.1346 seconds.

    Except mine...I protected mine.

    Does that count as a trick?

  4. Mne can fail me when I want/need it to do something; it can do something when I want/need it to stay the heck away from my life. That's not a trick - that's just male biology, unfortunately!

    You ladies know all about that anyhow - not with mine in particular (unfortunately with some of the ladies that visit this site), but just with the males of the species in general.

    Now I have to decide if MJ deserves a pic... Might have to look again at the pic of her wearing the Famous Freakin' Green Elf Shorts before I send - guy has to get ready after all....

    Besides - don't wanna be seen as being lacking compared to Old Knudsen.

  5. The olympic torch looks a little advanced and quite painful

    The helicopter is as advanced as I could go I think. Although there is always new uses for our members.

    Maybe you should write the book 101 non functional uses of the prick

  6. it's Puppetry of the Penis!

    Pirate and I saw a whole bunch of live dick tricks at the Fringe. It were funny. Now we have a running gag over who gets to make The Hamburger for dinner. Hehehehe.

  7. My willy can bring tears to a Superhero's eyes.

    *wonders if Cabin Boy Smunt can find his*

  8. AWA: Send us a video of your trick and we’ll be the judges.

    NWT: All men pale in comparison to Old Knudsen. Don’t even think you’re in his league.

    CYBERMEAT: A gust of wind just blew in from your helicopter move.

    That’s some rigid rotor you’ve got there!

    CB: It’s bringing puppetry off the stage and into our homes.

    Does the burger come with a special sauce?

    PIGGY: I’d cry if I had to service that thing too.

  9. That dicktricks is a wonderful site because it shows a bloke how to be a woman (next to the bottom).

    Come to think of it - Cyberdane was doing that in the incriminating pic you showed a couple of posts ago.

  10. Mine can sing 'She'll be Coming Round the Mountain When she Comes' in rather a fine baritone.

    This makes me very popular at partys.

  11. KAZ: Good of you to point out that bit about showing a bloke how to be a woman. However, I'm sure most the blokes who visit here have that one down pat.

    CyberTwat is the Mangina Queen.

    GARFY: Let's form a duet and take our show on the road. The public will eat it up.

  12. Mine quotes Shakespeare..*ahem*

    "Too pee or not to pee"

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  14. blow smoke rings AND roll the joint, honey!
    and you wouldnt believe how many stuffed Garfield dolls i won knocking over milk bottles at the Lynden Fair this week with my ping-pong ball trick. Awaiting won a giant Woodstock dolly at the dunk tank!

  15. PIGGY: First stop, Barnsley.

    SID: Oh fuck me. Look who's back.

    The Bollix Bard.

    FN: If you join forces with Garfy and me, we'll form a troupe, performing from town to town.