Sunday, August 26, 2007

A Buncha Pussies and a Bitch

MJ’s incredibly gorgeous pussy

Last week I requested photographs of your pussies and other critters that share your household.

By “critters that share your household” I did not mean roaches and silverfish but thanks anyway.


Let’s start with Yorkshire’s Biggest Poofs’ biggest pussies, Lucky and Tigger. Tazzy and Piggy have two other pussies but they were not available for comment. I’m sure, however, that they’re plotting escape to Canada.




We all know Connie’s a pussy man so it was no surprise when he sent in a photo of his wife's pussy.

I assume that is Connie’s wife “Tatas” in the photo with her pussy but it could be someone he's pulled from the pub for all we know.

There would appear to be some sort of storyline in this photo essay but I don’t want to over-analyze it.


Steve sent in these pics of The Smunts’ pussy but not without some confusion on Carly’s part.

When Carly heard of my request for pussy pics, she almost sent in a photo of her, as Steve put it, “rather herbaceous minge.” Close one!


Old Knudsen has more pussy than he knows what to do with and we couldn’t possibly picture them all here. So instead he’s sent in a pic of his bitch.

“Here is my big black bitch. Her name is "Cunty" which is an Old Scots Gaelic word meaning "four legged wife" well it should be. She is part Lab part Pit bull and a more harmless friendly dog you'd never find I just wish she wouldn't dig up the garden, she dug up the man from the Council last week.”

Thanks to Tazzy and Piggy, Connie and Tatas, Steve and Carly, and Old Knudsen for sharing this magic moment with us.


  1. I have a bunch of renegade kitties who won't stop haunting my mom's house.

    I have thought about siccing Dakota (our chihuahua) on them, but for some reason, I don't think he'll stand a chance.

  2. Yayyyy! I was first! Take that slackers!

  3. Oh, I was hoping to see Smunty's little performing fleas.


  4. I'm not really a pussy person, I prefer dogs

    I don't have any pets, but my mums dog Herman (the German) is quite cute. He hates me though - I assume because I don't call him Archimedes as that's his proper name.

  5. AWA: Because there's nothing more terrifying than a deranged chihuahua.

    SID: Queue up and purchase a ticket like everybody else.

    Cheap bastard.

    CYBERPETE: Herman the German?

    Coincidentally, Old Knudsen calls his lad “Squirmin’ Herman the One-Eyed German.”

  6. I notice Connie has a copy of Top Gear magazine and a PS2 on display behind his pussy.

    Is that so he can race a proper bike virtually on his playstation while admiring the magazine prints of real men on real bikes?

    *laughs at the thought of Connie zooming through the streets of London on his wheeled hairdryer*

  7. My willy is not a fucking Nazi (or a Nazi fucker)does anyone know how to get rid of fleas and worms? I'm itching like fuck and I don't want to pass them on to Cunty.

  8. PIGGY: Connie loves a man in spandex.

    MAIDY: Awwww.

    *gives Maidy a big hug*

    KNUDSEN: I can’t help you with the fleas and worms but I’d advise staying away from all the Bloggers who visit here to prevent catching anything else.