Monday, August 06, 2007

Happy Birthday, Tazzy!

He’s very butch…

But a little camp…

Looking at him

Makes me damp.

Happy birthday, Tazzy Bear!

As for the rest of you, if you wish to be publicly humiliated in the style of Tazzy and Geo on your birthdays, tell me your birthdate and I’ll make it happen.

(Or if you would like to be humiliated period, whether or not it’s your birthday, that can be arranged too.)

I already know the birthdays of Piggy, SID, Maidy, IVD, Connie, Geoff, Betty, Frobi, HE, and Awaiting. But if anyone else wants to leave their birthdate in the comments or email it to me, I’ll arrange for cake and a party here.


  1. i know nothing about Astrology other than Leo's Are The Best!

  2. I was born under a bad sign.

  3. TONY: And I just realized I DO know your birthday. I missed my chance to publicly humiliate you. Happy belated birthday, Tony!

    GARFY: If it wasn't for bad luck, you wouldn't have no luck at all.

  4. Although wee Piggy is more my size, that Tazzy is seriously hunky - Do you think he's been photoshopped?

    I don't think I'll be having any more birthdays - but I might send you an e mail.

  5. KAZ: I'm unable to read your comment as your licking the screen has smeared your words.

  6. August is a good month for a birthday. Mine's on the 29th...

  7. Mine is 24 September and good to be back in Info's world.

    Newfoundland was GREAT!

  8. HFB Tazzy.
    I lurve watching you keep mj's outlandish behavior in check with your folksy, down to earth, commentary.

    It may very well be a thankless job, but you are providing an invaluable service..especially since she is aware of how impossible it is to legally respond with the milquetoastian defamation laws here in the Colonies which prevent me and other Canadians from expressing our real feelings and attaching a realistic compensatory monetary value to the indignation and long term psychological trauma of it all when we are mercilessly ridiculed on this blog...
    quite unlike yourself.

    Well done, Thank You.

  9. Billy shares a birthday with The Mother. And Michael Jackson...

    Happy Birthday Tazzy!

  10. BILLY: Ignore IVD saying you share a birthday with Michael Jackson. More interesting is that you share a birthday with Diamanda Galas.

    NWTRUNNER: You're back!!!

    And you can comment again at last!

    And you have your own blog! Now all you have to do is post something. *laffs*

    *has to lie down to recuperate from the shock*

    HE: What’s that giant sucking (up) sound I hear from Winnipeg?

    IVD: You really have a mother? All we’ve seen of her is her giant underpants hanging on the line.

    I thought you were found under a belladonna plant.

  11. Cake??
    I don't remember cake on MY birthday??

    I will expecting cake this year though.

    Again HB Tat.

  12. SID: You don't like cake. Remember?

  13. Jeez.. is it everybody's birthday today?!?! People must do a whole lot of shagging around Novemberish... must have been the only way to keep warm in those days!

  14. K8: Good point. I don't know about over the pond, but on the west coast of Canada, the monsoons start in November.

    And in the rest of Canada, the snow starts to fall at that time.

    So it's no surprise there are so many August babies.

  15. Well! well!
    Whoever nwtrunner is - his birthday's on the same day as mine - except of course that I'm not having any more.

  16. No it's not that I don't like cake,it's just having my birthday in December I NEVER get a bleeding cake!

    Soak a potato in Jamesons instead.

  17. KAZ: nwtrunner used to be a regular on here 'til his PC wouldn't let him comment anymore.

    Speaking of cold November nights, he lives in Canada's Arctic (brrrr!)

    I'll make a note to have a double celebration here on September 24th.

    SID: Howz about I bake a nice Guinness stout cake for you on your birthday? I'll arrange for Pig and Taz to jump out of it.

    In the meantime, suck on this Jamesons-soaked spud.

  18. From Kaz's pic it looks like Kaz knows how to party - a double celebration sounds about right. Although the good Lard only knows what the frig MJ will cook up...

    Yeah MJ - figured out how to post comments, even it it did mean I had to set up a blog that I have no intention of ever using! Compared to you, Old Knudsen, First Nations, et al - I've got bugger all to say. But at least I can now make comments.

  19. NWTRUNNER: Kaz is always ready to party. A real good time gal, that one.

    Bugger all to say? I beg to differ. I know you have some unique tales to tell.

  20. I can only imagine what was being done in celebration of his 145th year in our world.

    Happy birthday, Tazzy! Remember to eat your weight in cake!

  21. AWA: We could coat him in chocolate and lick it off.

  22. It's September 9 for me. I share it with Hugh Grant (same year as well) and Arthur Mullard - you work it out.

  23. August 13, shared with Fidel Castro, Alfred Hitchcock and Danny Bonaduce. Long live me!