Wednesday, August 08, 2007

A Peek in MJ’s Drawers


A Peek in MJ’s Drawers is a new series on Infomaniac in which, from time to time, we’ll examine the contents of MJ’s file cabinet drawers.

While weeding my collection of important archival newspaper clippings, I’ve found a number of culturally rich gems that I’ll share with you, my loyal bitches.

Let’s begin with this profound study…

(click to enlarge)

So. Which category defines you? Or are you in a category of your own?


  1. Do I get to say Yayyyyyy that I'm first???!

    Okay - yayyyyy

    For the record - I like Hobnobs - they are good hiking food.

    I'm hoping for more 3-way bitch fights.

    Other than that - just glad to be able to comment again.

    Sent MJ some pics today, but not sure that they are appropriate for the rest of folk here. She's making rumblings, but MJ's rumblings are only for them that appreciate such.

  2. The Groaner

    Peers in disgust at his baggy eyed hungover countenance and retires to his pit for some more rejuvenating zzzz'z.

    That's me.

  3. I don't have mirrors - I haven't got a reflection!
    I am, apparently, definitely NOT vane. I once played pool for an hour in a room plastered with mirrors, failing to notice that my brother had scrawled the word "Tit" on the back of my jacket - we're not close.

  4. NWTRUNNER: Your first ever “yay first.” I’m so proud.

    Have you been into the Screech?

    Bitch fight? None planned but I’ll give you a bitch slap.

    As for those pics you sent me, that Arctic cold doesn’t do you any favours. You may want to move inside to warm up if you’re going to be sending anymore full frontal shots.

    GARFY: How closely do you resemble Nick Nolte’s mug shot?

    PITHER: Don’t be so hard on your brother. He was making it easy for you by writing a palindromic word, easily legible in a mirror. Much easier to read than “wanker.”

  5. I'm a glancer - they've got me down to a tee. Notice the way they say "he" when referring to the glancer. Yep, I'm a real man, a man's man, currently recovering from man flu and waiting for tonight's Corrie.

  6. GARFY: I’m checking your pulse.

    GEOFF: And The Glancer is “a bit of a loner.” That reminds me of a quote from Pee-wee Herman in the movie Pee-wee’s Big Adventure…

    “There's things about me you don't know, Dottie. Things you wouldn't understand. Things you couldn't understand. Things you shouldn't understand. You don't want to get mixed up with a guy like me. I'm a loner, Dottie. A rebel.”

  7. That's me. A loner and a rebel. A glancer.

  8. I'm a prober

    sounds a bit naughty if you ask me

  9. CYBERPETE: It doesn't surprise me you're a Prober considering the weekend you spent with Johnny Hazzard's joystick.

  10. Not too surprising I suppose

    Johnnys johnson comes highly recommended though it smells quite rubbery

  11. Sort of mix between a Mugger and a smiler. I like being Tickers but don't take it too seriously.

  12. Are we talking proper mirrors or the fairground mirrors that you use?

    I am the whisperer.

    I whisper to my reflection.

    "Fuck your just wonderful"

  13. CYBERPETE: IVD smells rubbery after an evening spent servicing the trade at Latex Fetish Night.

    TICKERS: A Smugger?

    Or more likely a Bugger.

    SID: The funhouse mirror may make my arse LOOK huge but yours is naturally gigantic.

    I'll bet you kiss your reflection in the mirror.

    Here. Kiss this.

    *bends over*

  14. I'd have to see that for myself to be sure

    lead the way

  15. Back in '87 when this was written I was a Mugger/Prober/Smiler. Now I have had so much botox that smiling is out of the picture and I get scared when I glance at my semi-permanent look of astonishment.
    I couldn't scowl if I wanted to!

    ps WW is a full on chronic Prober..he always posts those extreme closeups that look like he used an electron microscope YIKES!!

  16. I'm a masturbator, c'mon when you have all this going on you get aroused when you see yerself in the magical glass.
    When I cum I call my own name.

  17. CYBERPETE: I don’t want to see IVD in a rubber thong.

    Seeing his skinny tranny legs in The Shorts is going to be horror enough.

    HE: Why does WW insist on showing us at close range the hair growth in his nose and ears and the lack of hair on his head?

    We can say anything we want about him as he hasn’t visited here in ages.

    KNUDSEN: Have you ever had to break up with yourself?

  18. I look in the mirror and MirrorMe sticks his tongue out at me - rude git!

    He's the one that goes to the Late-night Latex Show, too.

  19. IVD: I can only imagine where that filthy tongue of yours has been.

  20. Hmmm, that pose in the mirror is about the way most guys see women. (yes, admit it). Oh, were you talking about my mirror? Sorry, my mind wandered there for a bit.

  21. JoeInVegas: Don't fret.

    I'll whip you back into shape.