Thursday, August 23, 2007

Gingers Facing Extinction


Redheads are a dying breed and could face extinction by 2060.

If the gingers really want to save themselves they should move to Scotland.

An estimated 40 per cent of Scots carry the red gene and 13 per cent actually have red hair.

Gingers Poster Boy Piggy

Ginger actor Carrot Top says of redheads, “They say it’s a dying breed. A woman asks me how that can be. And I say that’s because no one’s sleeping with us.”

If you could live to see any human physical characteristic become extinct, which one would it be?


  1. Yay! First!


  2. Yeah leave the Ginger nut alone.

    I'd get rid of flat arses.

    The blondes are vanishing too in fact white people to be exact. Due to low birth rates brown people will out breed us.

  3. Gingers are better at absorbing vitamin D than non gingers.

    This makes them very popular in the pulling stakes. This is fortunate for those of the ginge persuasion as the carrot top gene is recessive.

  4. I'm partial to a bit of ginger, but the sandy ones or the brown/gingers. I don't like the real red/red ones. They smell a little too.

  5. I hear they are wild in bed

    can't see why people won't shag the gingers

  6. Double chins as long as I could backdate it.
    Then I'd be beautiful.

  7. From a personal point of view, the cellulite gene should go. From a having to interact with other people point of view, the gene that makes fat, sweaty men have high pitched, squeaky little voices.

  8. PIGGY: *thinks Piggy protests too much*

    Smunty told me you’re a ginger so it must be true.

    You can prove it by taking off your hat. Oh wait. You’re bald.

    Show us your pubes then.

    KNUDSEN: FN’s gonna whip you when she reads that bit about flat arses.

    GARFY: Better at absorbing Vitamin D?

    Shame they can’t go out in the sun to get that D without burning.

    FROBI: Piggy smells.

    CYBERPETE: Wild in bed?

    Why don’t you do the research and report back to us?

    I’m sure IVD could tell us.

    VICUS: We’re like cockroaches.

    You’ll never exterminate the Colonials.

    KAZ: You ARE beautiful. But you’d be even more beautiful if you’d reduce your booze intake.

    Sheesh woman. The shape your liver must be in.

    *takes a swig of Kaz's vodka to help reduce the volume*

    BETTY: Fat, sweaty men with high pitched, squeaky little voices?

    So we’re back to discussing Piggy again?

  9. hey, don't dis the gingers! nothing says raw hardcore lovin' like a zombie tan you can see all the veins through and SCREAMING ORANGE PELT EWEWEWEWEW.

    i say do away with the elderly incontinent fisherman gene. *stuffs uns with foam padding and goes out 'passin'*

  10. ...pardon me, i've dropped several 'G's' around here...have you seen them?

  11. Piggy's not ginger, he's what ever colour the bottle says.

  12. FN: Did you drop your 'G's' down Knudsie's G-string?

    That elderly incontinent fisherman wants you to fish 'em out.

    CONNIE: I take back what I said about checking Piggy's pubes for gingerness.

    After all, his pubes have turned grey.

  13. Do you not think it's bad enough having ginger hair without involving Piggy among their ranks.

    He is ginger though.

    He is in ginger denial,quite common among ginger people.

  14. SID: Watch. He'll try to pass it off as strawberry blonde.

  15. Oh he tried that pitiful one already with me.

    Tazzy just rolled his eyes,mouthing "leave it,leave it" behind his back.

    Quite sad really.

  16. SID: Piggy was probably tormented as a child about his ginger hair hence he's become a bitter old poof.

  17. Look at the silver lining, we don't have to wait until IDV surfaces, we can just ask Tazzy if gingers are wild in bed


  18. Actually...

    As I child I had blonde hair.

    I dyed it black when I was 14 and it never grew back blonde, but a mousey brown.

    At various stages, my hair was blonde, blue and black, but NEVER ginger.

    My pubes are brown.

    Now shut the fuck up, the lot of you.

  19. CYBERPETE: No!

    PIGGY: Ooooo ... listen to her!

    Somebody's having their period.

  20. Piggy was not blonde as a fact, horns and scales do not equate as being blonde.

    Also, check my spot...see what Steve and Tazzy are serving.

    *runs away laughing*

  21. Lazy bitch! You stole the pic of the orangutan that I stole from someone else's blog.

  22. AWA: "Big ass giant of a sausage."

    Nice one.

    WARING: That big ape's been everywhere.

  23. I am known to place that requirement in my profile.

  24. Piggy forced us to view his foliage whilst at the cabin!

    It was most certainly ginger.

    And it had things crawling in it!

  25. STEVE: Thank you.

    I rest my case.