Friday, March 30, 2007

Filthy Friday

Infomaniac presents an astounding variety of inflatable dolls with something for everyone.

Inflate your date

Blow-up doll hand pump so you don’t waste your breath before the fun begins

Gobblin Granny comes with her own false teeth

Recommended by Old Knudsen as it’s modeled on his dream lover Shirley

Lovin’ Lamb

This one has Tickers written all over it

Pregnant Fantasies Love Doll

Model based on “PERGnant” Psycho Bitch Maidy

Erotic Love Piggie

What a Cute Wee Pigster. Oink!

Peter Pecker party doll and ring toss game

Which one of you modeled for the misshapen head?

Can’t get enough inflatable action?

A bevy of blow-up dolls here.


  1. Up early - FIRST on Infomaniac and rewarded by an 'Erotic Love Piggy'
    Perfect start to Friday.

  2. That doll looks NOTHING like me!

  3. body wise it does,well almost

  4. You wouldn't want to prick Peter Pecker with your pickled pepper. Pandemonium would prevail.

  5. Hi Honey,I,m Back!
    When The Aussies say "Throw another on the Barbie.." This is what they mean?Nice Lamb & Pig ! Yummy Im hungry...............

  6. KAZ: Is this your first FIRST?

    I hope that image is staying with you throughout your day.

    MAIDY: Geo says it looks like you.

    GEO: Have I told you how good it is to have you back?

    *laffs and laffs at Maidy's expense*

    GEOFF: Have you paid for that doll?

    I wouldn’t want to report you to the Exchequer,

    For the robbery of a pecker.

    TONY: How I’ve yearned for my Yorkshireman.

    And I don’t mean either of those big poofs.

    *throws Tony the key to my liquor cabinet*

    Pour us a stiff one and let’s catch up.

  7. No it does not!!!!

    What is wrong with everyone in the Blogworld today?

  8. MAIDY: Who got up on the wrong side of bed this morning?

    Have a good kvetch, wretch.

  9. gives a new and more dire meaning to the warning:

    "The balloons are coming...
    The balloons are coming..."

  10. FN: Funny you should mention balloons as they're the topic of an upcoming Filthy Friday.

  11. I think that's maidy from her dinker pregnancy days. They hair is lighter and much longer.

  12. I,ve just myself a stiff Dandilion&Burdock.........Whats new? Im still drunk on Irish Stout (i cant spell guniness)
    Lurv From The Pole-Dancer x

  13. AWA: Are you drunken commenting again?

    Maidy's gonna bump both our heads together, you know.

    TONY: Once again, I've had to Google to decipher you. This time Dandelion and Burdock. Never heard of it!

    Is everyone drunk on here tonight?

    *reaches for the bottle*

  14. Dearie, I am honoured to be mentioned on your Filthy Friday post.
    It can be a burden to be the object of every man's desire, but having that doll fashioned after my likeness took some of the pressure off.
    And although the fellas love the gummy feeling after taking out my false teeth, they can't get enough of an empty eye socket when I take out my glass eye.

  15. GG: The men go wild for a good gumming, don't they?

  16. And although the fellas love the gummy feeling after taking out my false teeth

    Fellas? I thought I was the only one.

  17. The misshapen head looks like HE to me...

  18. I can't say why, but I find the Erotic Love Piggy strangely compelling.