Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Tabulating Big Gay Results

Mistress MJ is now tabulating the results of The Gayest Thing in Your House Contest.


Good luck to all our contestants!

Hurry the fuck up, bitch. We do NOT have all day!


  1. it's the 21st century and you're using univac?

  2. It doesn't help that some of you, yes I'm looking at YOU, Norma...some of you voted AFTER the 7 pm EST deadline.

    Nonetheless, since I wasn't here to supervise, I'll allow your vote and Michael Guy's vote.

  3. I would have voted for Miss Cujo... but the bitch started Barking like a banshee... then I suddenly realised I was surrounded by HUNDREDS OF CANADIAN SHOCK TROOPS storming out of the guy down the road from Ms Nations, garage... and I got a little distracted. Then I remembered I'm not even Canadian!
    I had a nice time though....

  4. I think you're drinking.

    And tabulating.. nothing!

  5. I want those pointy yellow shoes

  6. I didn't win either. Ah well.

    I'll drink to that. Gotta do something round here as it's Wenis Wednesday....and no wenis.

  7. I just can't sleep, I'm so excited about the results. Whoever wins, just remember, always thank the Academy first.

  8. Remember - the Contest is for the gayest "thing" in our houses. Not the gayest things. Technicalities matter.