Thursday, March 12, 2009

Winner – Teen Angst Competition

Wondering who is our mystery teen?

It’s Englishman FAMULUS, currently residing in The Netherlands!

Famulus today

Famulus the teen

Correct answers were submitted by Anonymous Boxer, Ponita, CyberPete, EmmaK and Donn.

But there can only be one prizewinner.

Mistress MJ wrote each hopeful’s name on a slip of paper and stuffed the slips down her bra.

Famulus kindly volunteered to draw the names from Mistress MJ’s cleavage…with the proviso that he warm his hands first and act like a gentleman, i.e. not forage about for spare change while he’s in there.

And the winner is… drum roll …


Congratulations, CyberPete! You are the lucky winner of the “I’m So Happy it’s Happy Hour” cocktail napkins!...

This contest really came down to the wire. We kept the contest open until 9:00 pm but at 8:50 pm all was quiet and we assumed no more entries would come in.

So we asked Famulus to reach in and grab a name. The name he drew was EmmaK.

But EmmaK’s luck would change in an instant as the clock struck 8:54 pm and another entry came in from Donn.

This threw a spanner in the works and Famulus was forced once again to delve into Mistress MJ’s cleavage and retrieve another name.

That’s when we drew the name of our little Danish friend, CyberPete.

Better luck next time, EmmaK.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Teen Angst Competition.

Send in your teen angst photo soon!

Many of you guessed our mystery teen as DONN but don’t you know by now that Donn always wore a red bow tie?...

Note: Looking for more contests? Head on over to CyberPete’s for your chance to win The Freakin’ Green Elf Shorts! The competition closes at midnight CET on Friday, March 13th. The Shorts have Mistress MJ’s DNA on them so you know you want them!


  1. I hope both you and Fammy had a wonderful time drawing and redrawing the winner.

    Hopefully his hands were warm enough. ;-)

    Congrats, CyberPete! Too bad, EmmaK! Donn's timing sucks, eh!?

  2. Congrats CP!

    Does these napkins double as the sanitary kind?

  3. Congrats Pete!

    I really had thought I had won!

  4. Even had an acceptance speech...

  5. Congratulations to the Winner!
    Lucky bastid, this Famulus.

  6. Yay! Thanks!

    Especially to Donnnn. I love you!

    But no penis book? Awwww.

  7. Wow - how exciting and congratulations to the lovely Pete.

  8. I'm limp, worn out and frankly stunned. Two trips were the chance of a life time and I must thank Mistress MJ for the life changing experience. One (ok, two) I will never forget.

    Warm? I haven't sweated like this years...

    See you all in a couple of months when I'm recovered...

  9. You see, age does improve some people.
    Congrats Pete!

  10. congratulations, petey-pet!

    well done , famulus!

    (damn, how could i have forgotten the red bowtie pic so soon?)

  11. scarlet-blue: Why thank you Scarls.

    savannah: What am I being congratulated for? Not being slapped to death by MJ whilst groping (yes, groping) for the winner? Warm hands make somethings just so much more acceptable... :-)

  12. sob sob sob
    what do I have to do to win around here? bribe you MJ? Sending round a gang of sexy houseboys in elf shorts. That should swing it.

  13. I demand a recount. Or a new bra to stuff those names in.

    Congrats to Cyberpete. NEXT TIME!

  14. BITCHES: It appears that CyberPete is moaning because he didn’t win The Penis Book.

    If you’re going to complain, CyberPoof, Mistress MJ will happily send your cocktail napkins prize to the runner-up EmmaK.

    And a note to EmmaK while we’ve mentioned her…

    Sending round a gang of sexy houseboys in elf shorts will do you no good as that is the state of this place everyday!

  15. I don't know what Fammy is getting all worked up about. he might as well have been juggling wax fruit. once a girl has had a boob job she loses all sensation. furthermore, that tale about the big 'mixup' at the 11th hour there smells like the fix was in to me.
    *runs off crying*


  16. Not only did I sport a smashing red bow tie, but I also displayed a dashing Errol Flynnian mustache!

    Go me I'm officially 2-4-2!

    I love you too CyberPete...and I'm NOT just saying that to win the Freakin' Green Elf Shorts!...
    which of course I had completely forgotten about until now.
    Gee, is that tomorrow?
    Silly me.

  17. Oh, once again this competition proved that ti-ming is everything in Life.

    Therefore I would be remiss if I did not take this perfect opportunity,
    to thank Sting,
    for inspiring me to master the Tantric method of holding off,
    and holding off,
    right until the very-last-possible moment,
    before coming to my own conclusion.

    Thanks Sting!

  18. “Vanitas Vanitorum,.Omni Vanitatus.”

  19. I like the young Mr Coppens... almost as sexy as the present Mr Coppens...

  20. Well, ya can't ever win if you don't play.

  21. BITCHES: Let’s back up a minute and examine Donn’s statement, shall we?

    Not only did I sport a smashing red bow tie, but I also displayed a dashing Errol Flynnian mustache!

    While there is no doubting Donn’s “In like Flynn” matinee idol good looks, we take issue his comparison to the swashbuckling actor’s moustache.

    Flynn was, after all, at the height of his ladies man powers in the 1930s and 1940s.

    Donn, on the other hand, was sporting his moustachio in the 1970s.

    Would Donn’s moustache best be referred to then as a PORN ‘TACHE?

  22. Fammy today is hot!

    As is Donn... although I prefer him without the red bow tie. Given that he is my age, and we grew up in the same city, I may have even seen him way back then in bow tie days.... But who knows... all those vodka and orange juices at socials kinda blur the memory. ;-)

    (If you are not from Manitoba, you will have NO clue what a social is... a gathering of friends and family at a community hall as a precursor to a wedding... kinda like a huge engagement party to raise money for the couple that everyone in the neighbourhood would attend... drink and dance you face off with all your friends... tons o fun!)

  23. PONITA: One wonders how Donn and Famulus manage.

    Are their looks a blessing?

    Or a curse?

  24. I submitted my 'teen photo' but it was intercepted by the Police...

  25. im here for the ass smooching?!?!?! is there a form i need to fill out or should i just begin?

  26. MUTLEY: We have seen your teen photos and want you to know that we are not that type of blog!

    *makes preparations for Filthy Friday*

    VOICES: Just take a number and join the queue.

  27. I cannot help that i was raised by fungus....

  28. MUTLEY: But it does make you a fungi.


    Fun guy?

    I'm here all week.

  29. No it doesn't. But it does mean I glow in the dark due to over active mitochondria...

  30. MUTLEY: Not to mention your infestation of radioactive howler monkeys!

  31. ... or a curry - a curry might be nice.

  32. MUTLEY: Ma Beastie’s Chickpea Curry, perhaps?

    Or a mackerel curry?

    With a side order of beetroot chips.

    Washed down with a pint of Old Lesbian No. 3.

  33. No, no I am very excited about my cocktail napkins!

    I'll get you the address in a couple of days as I am currently having a massive meltdown because the movers may not come on time tomorrow and everything is going tits up (that's a bad thing by the way)

    Donnn sexual favours may help secure you the shorts or maybe a platinum credit card.

  34. CYBERPOOF: Do be careful.

    A meltdown in your case may result in even more glitter on your sanitary pad.

    And stop flirting with DONN for heaven’s sake, you shameless hussy.

    And might I just add …

    Great timing. Having the movers come AND hosting the final day of The Freakin’ Green Elf Shorts Competition ALL ON THE SAME DAY!

  35. Way to go MJ, your blog offically has a content warning precursor on it. I clicked your name in my blog roll and this Content warning came up telling me that your blog is suitable to be viewed by adults only. Then it gave me two choices. One that I understand but want to view it anyway or No, I don't want to view it. Bravo, me lady, Bravo.

    Oh and I tagged you. No, I didn't tap you. I tagged you. Geesh, get your mind out of the gutter woman!

  36. still no desk shot.......tsk

  37. I'm still pouting, in case anyone cares.

  38. BITCHES: Shut up, I am trying to get Filthy Friday ready and you’re getting on my nerves.

  39. I did what you asked for, three times to night.
    By far the most intellectual and interesting piece in the whole collection.

  40. MAGO: I did what you asked for, three times to night.


  41. I can't believe it, I want to fuck Famulus, I hope Donn doesn't mind.

  42. KNUDSEN: I can't believe it, I want to fuck Famulus, I hope Donn doesn't mind.

    You fickle bastard.

  43. I'm always bloody second choice...

    Fortunately, I'm not that fussy...

  44. FAMULUS: Sloppy seconds.

  45. I clean up well. :-)