Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Teen Angst Competition

It’s time for another Teen Angst contest.

Guess the identity of this teenaged Infomaniac bitch and win a prize!

Note: clicking the pics enhances your viewing pleasure!...

Our mystery blogger doesn’t have any photographs handy from her teen years so she’s sent us the above pics from her early 20s ... which technically qualifies her as a “youth” so we’ll take liberties and still call this a teen angst contest.

She has confirmed that she was a victim of prolonged angst. And hair products.

In the event of more than one correct answer, Mistress MJ will ask a lucky bystander to lift the elastic of her lacy garter belt where she has concealed the names of potential winners on tiny slips of paper. The bystander will present the selected slip of paper to Mistress MJ who will announce the winner asap.

We here at Infomaniac would like to hold more Teen Angst Competitions in future.

Were you a troubled teen?

Were you moody? Petulant? A dork? A nerd? Did your hair and fashion sense require an intervention?

Do you have the photographic evidence to prove it?

Then email your photo and you could be the next Teen Angst mystery blogger. (Email address is in our Blogger Profile.)

Note: Contest closes at 9:00 pm Pacific Daylight Time (PDT) on Tuesday, March 17th. For you UK readers, that’s 4:00 am on Wednesday, March 18th. The rest of you can use this handy World Clock to figure it out for yourselves.


  1. Okay, now I have to go back and look at those scary pictures...

  2. Beast? (Before the sex change, obviously)

  3. "her lacy garter belt ..."
    YES: "Honi soit qui mal y pense" - and taht was taht.
    Bystander? Hmmm ... foot, ankles, garter belt - it's just logical that the Ständer is close ... and sanded, possibly. Anyway, I have no idea who is in the photographs, so I say ... Maidy?

  4. I'm gonna hazard a guess and say Random.... but I really don't have a hot clue.

  5. It can't be FN or Tatas, unless there was some serious downsizing going on...I'm going to guess it's Scarlet B, but that's only because of the hip fashion sense and rock out style.

  6. I say it's Knudsen before the operation.

  7. Darn that Ponita! Bogarting first and second place.

    I say,


  8. First Nations?

  9. I reckon it MAIDY
    But there again I have no idea

  10. Carly??
    Love the hair in the second pic.

  11. I'm going with FirstNations. Please don't ask for an explanation of why...

  12. I'm clueless as well... so I will also go with FirstNations...

  13. I love those pics!!! But I already have my Penis Book and soon my Valium bank, so I'll leave the festivities to the others.

  14. gotta be Knudson.

    everyone else: hey, thanks LOADS. too many 'Filthy Friday' viewings have obviously burnt your corneas beyond practical use.
    oy GEVAULT, y'all.

  15. oh and by the way would any of the pervs who frequent your blog be interested in my irish prostitution service? Old Knudsen is a regular but he is pretty tight when asked to pay up so I had to bar him.

    Happy St Patrick's Day MJ!


    (my first comment a few hours ago seemed to disappear into the ether)

  17. Is it Betty?

    Hell, I don't care, I've been at the Guinness and Bushmills.

  18. Jaysus, speak of the devil. She snuck in just before me.

  19. I think she is the lost child of Klaus Nomi and ethel merman...

  20. BITCHES: Carry on.

    *grabs GARFER’s Guinness and Bushmills and sits back to watch the answers roll in*

    There’s no point in responding to each of you personally just to tell you that you’re wrong. However, I shall take this opportunity to respond to a few of you…

    HOODCHICK: You mean BEAST isn’t a woman?

    Well, I suppose his constant bouts of MANFLU should have alerted me.

    MAGO: If you’re Ständing nearby at the time of the draw, Mistress MJ will use your services.

    EMMA: Excellent video but as much as being rolled in pork scratchings sounds like an erotic adventure, Mistress MJ already has an Irish hoor.

    I got this collection of Irish porn out of his closet.

    BETTY: Your first comment was eaten by a leprechaun. Or possibly Garfer.

    FABULASTIC: My goodness, you certainly make a good case!

    Although I’m afraid that image will give me nightmares tonight.

  21. As Kurt Cobain sang, "Teenage angst has paid off well, now I'm bored and old."

    Then he shot himself.

    I've got one picture but it needs cropping.

  22. I'm a troubled adult. Does that count ?

  23. Ok, even I know that Ms. Nations is like a FFF cup.

    Is it Leah? She did say she loves those pics, almost as if she's very familiar with them...

  24. Must be Miss Random Chick.

    By the way thanks for yesterdays post!

  25. hahahahahaha I really want this to be Knudsen!

  26. It can't be Knudsen. Make-up wasn't invented when he was this young.

  27. Robyn..
    at her audition for a role on Miami Vice and at a Cure concert.

  28. Twelve minutes to go by my clock....

    tick. tock.

  29. Oops... eleven... it clicked over while I was typing...

  30. Contest is closed.

    Winner to be announced in Wednesday's post.