Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Legs! Legs! Legs!

All the photos above reveal messages. (If the print is too small for some of you, click on the photos to enlarge.)

But what are these legs saying?...

[Thanks, Fabulon ]

Note: There’s another post under this one.


  1. Great! What a beauty Parade!

    And first?

  2. I'm conceited? I've never!

    Your lovely pose screams come taste my Jameson.

  3. Not so sure CyperPete. This lovely picture could follow very well the "Impatient"-one and say "Just too late ..."

    Yay, FIRST! Just for the record ... and FN.

  4. Those legs are just screaming "The drinks are on me!" ... literally.

    Belly button shots, anyone?

  5. they're saying,

    "legs by thighmaster".

  6. those legs are saying I couldnt be arsed to shave , hence the thick tights

  7. If you turn it 180° around it looks like something a medieval knight had on his helmet ...

  8. Infomaniac!
    God I have missed you and your blog! How are you? And what is with the 'if you know what the hell is going on inside' hit here if you 'don't want a piece of Infomaniac' hit here?!

    What are you being censored now...WTF??? Well, I have missed you sending you a big ol'wet one and hug!

  9. Call the hospital, one of their mentals has escaped again.

  10. 5.30 in the damn morning and i'm 13th? dammitdammitdammit...

    uh, the legs are saying..."don't be jealous, not everyone can wear striped tights!"


  11. Elf shorts? Hmmm... Were you in pantomime?
    Anyhow, I agree with Savannah.

  12. @ Savannah and Scarlet: you two have to be on the ball and get here the evening before - she fiddles with the time and actually posts before midnight! Be here before you go to bed, Savannah... and Scarlet, well I am not sure when you would have to be here. What is the time difference?

  13. They're saying: obviously this is someone you want around in case we all get tossed back into ye olden days survival mode.

  14. Do they have a run in their stockings?

    That would be tacky.

    True not everyone can wear striped tights. Especially not in that direction.

  15. Mago, I wouldn't say impatient. The word desperate comes to mind

  16. MAGO: You’re in luck.

    They all want foot massages.

    CYBERPOOF: Second?

    Hardly worth cheering about.

    As for the Jamesons, get your own bottle.

    MAGO: “Just too late?”


    Oh that Franconian sense of humour.

    *access denied to the Mistress’ feet*

    PONITA: Belly button shots?

    I suppose in Winnipeg you use Slurpees.

    EROS: There is always a welcome mat here on Infomaniac.

    Wait a minute…that doesn’t sound right.

  17. BOXER: Legs by thighmaster?

    Thigh mistress in our case.

    BEAST: I couldnt be arsed to shave , hence the thick tights?

    Don’t make me come over there, hold you down and give you a back, sack and crack wax.

    MAGO: If you turn it 180° around it looks like something a medieval knight had on his helmet?

    We’ve been studying up on our 101 Life Skills list and we’re ready to besiege a castle.

    ROBYN: Welcome back!

    Congratulations on kicking cancer’s ass and thank you for sending in your blurb.

    Yes, we are now an adult content zone though we can’t for the life of us imagine why.

    A hug will do. Mistress MJ does not appreciate being slobbered upon.

  18. GARFY: "Call the hospital, one of their mentals has escaped again"?

    And she is headed to Uddingston with a battleaxe!

    XL: "Shuffleboard anyone?"

    We’ll need deck shoes.

    Yay! Shoe shopping!

    SAVANNAH: See Ponita’s explanation.

    SCARLET: "Elf shorts? Hmmm... Were you in pantomime?"

    Mistress MJ was once a winner of The Freakin’ Green Elf Shorts.

    Speaking of The Freakin’ Green Elf Shorts, come back here tomorrow.

    More importantly, visit CyberPete tomorrow!

  19. PONITA: Thanks for explaining to Savannah.

    Mistress MJ simply cannot explain it one more time.

    MOI: Welcome to Infomaniac!

    You’re one of Boxer’s bitches, aren’t you?

    Forgive me if you’ve commented in past and I’ve forgotten.

    A lifetime of Jamesons will do that to a gal’s memory.

    ISTVANSKI: Feeling pleasantly woozy, are you?

    Lay your head in Mistress MJ’s lap ‘til you feel better.

    CYBERPETE: Ah yes, the vertical vs horizontal stripes debate.

    We knew a fashionista would butt in at some point with their two cents worth.

  20. those shoes are SOOOOOOOO cute!

    beast nailed the stripey tights message. i can but agree. stripes wanted to keep that extra layer of insulation against the cruel northern blasts *paaaaarp*

  21. You wear them beautifully MJ.

    They would have been more hilarious in yellow and black though.

    Maybe next time?

  22. NATIONS: Did you just BELCH on my blog?

    And where is your Women of Infomaniac blurb, dammit?

    CYBERPOOF: Mistress MJ does not wish to resemble Sting.

  23. I am frankly amazed I got away with blatantly provocative comments on the end of yesterdays post without much screaming and shouting , so I had to try again today :-)

  24. BEAST: I had every intention of kicking your sorry arse to the curb last night but was too tired to comment to everyone personally and was in need of a stiff one.

    I feel cramps coming on so you'll feel the pointy end of my shoe up your backside soon enough.

  25. 'open 24 hours, group discounts accepted'

  26. I don't really know what the legs are saying. They are open so that looks like a come on, but they are also attired in horrid stripes which wouldn't turn anyone on save a Pippi Longstocking freak. I suppose they are saying: I am wearing my freak hat, do you want to fly me?

  27. That's a tough it that you like to pretend you're a freaking elf while you drink whiskey?

  28. she likes to pretend she's american and has a glamorous and exciting american lifestyle. thats why she drinks.

  29. Why has Old Knudsen got a mud pie on his face?

  30. He's probably been sniffing The Shorts, Scarlet

  31. CYBERPOOF: “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee”

    KNUDSEN: 'open 24 hours, group discounts accepted'

    Mistress MJ is NOT a Dennys despite what you’ve heard about her serving pensioners.

    EMMA: If you want to call a tinfoil hat a “freak hat” be my guest.

    RANDOM: Ignore Ms. Nations who has been into the brownies.

    NATIONS: You Americans are not the only ones who have spacious skies, amber waves of grain, purple mountain majesties and fruited plains, you know.

    Plus…we have CHEESE!

    SCARLET: That is not a mud pie on Old Knudsen’s face, Miss Scarlet.

    That is blood.

    Old Knudsen has earned his “red wings” …no, not the hockey team.

    CYBERPOOF: Your shorts, at any rate.

  32. Not my shorts

    not by a long shot.

  33. Animals normally develop strong coulored stripes to warn about their own poisons... To wide spread red and black striped legs are warning us all to the dangers of the nectars within... that is that low quality whiskey...

  34. CYBERPOOF: I’d love to see Old Knudsen in The Shorts.

    FABULASTIC: Did you learn that bit about stripey animals from Marlin Perkins?

    At the rate Mistress MJ drinks, daily consumption of Laphroaig 20-year-old is out of the question.

    Besides, she has sentimental attachment to Jamesons.

  35. DANGER::enter at your own risk

    i *am* p.34 .. quick, cuddle me.

  36. Just one foot would do ...

  37. us chaps really are disadvantaged with our choice of leg wear...well most chaps...

  38. CARNALIS: You heard the nice lady, fellas.

    MAGO: Well perhaps just one.

    MANUEL: Spend a day in Mistress MJ’s dress-up closet.

    I’ll make a new man of you.

  39. btw...while i am in ireland i cannot send messages from my regular email but can receive them...go figure some irish shit there!

  40. DAISY: Cheers for that.

    Message received.

    Get me some Irish arse pics while you're there!

  41. geez did i not get you enough arses last time? some women are never satisfied!